2015 North End Community Barbecue

We ordered sun and neighbours for June 18, 2015 and received everything we asked for in abundance.  Thank you to hundreds of North End residents who joined us to celebrate summer and build community.

 Thanks to Tucker Bottomley, a young filmmaker who is a member of the North End Changemakers, we also have  a short video that really captures the crowd and neighbourhood feeling of the barbecue.
The North End Changemakers has funding from the Inspirit Foundation, a national grant-making foundation that supports young people (aged 18-30) in building a more inclusive and pluralist Canada.IMG_4562

In the North End, the funding from Inspirit allowed the NECC to invest time to build new relationships across our whole neighbourhood with diverse young people.  They have become colleagues and collaborators in community change that will outlast the project.  It was great to have so many of them at the barbecue!

The annual community barbecue is a team effort.
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