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The North End Community Circle

NECC was formed through support from the Community Justice Society in 2010. It exists to build trust, relationships, social capital and dialogue between residents in the North End of Halifax. We host a variety of gatherings, some that are more targeted to residents (like potlucks, workshops and our annual June barbecue), and some that help service providers connect and coordinate.  The monthly roundtable takes place each month on the first Tuesday, 9 a.m., at Veith House.

In September 2014, NECC moved into Veith House. The new office is next door to a kitchen – the old orphanage kitchen which hasn’t been used in decades – that we hope to renovate for simple meal preparation.



To promote and activate helpful relationships, celebrate strengths and mobilize resources to address needs in collaboration with families, residents and stakeholders in the North End of Halifax.  Or, in short: to bring people together to make good things happen.


 June 24th, 2017 NECC BBQ

June 16th 2015 NECC BBQ


Get in touch, stay in touch

Email if you’d like to be reminded about community gatherings and the regular roundtable, or if you’d like to receive the monthly notes. You can also find the notes by doing a search (scroll all the way down to the bottom – sorry!) for   “roundtable.”


Thanks to funding from the United Way Halifax, Lisa Roberts was NECC’s part-time community facilitator from 2013 to 2015. Lisa Roberts is now a Canadian politician, who was elected to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly in a by-election on August 30, 2016.  Nicholas Stoddard took over as NECC facilitator now in February 2017.  Nicholas is an active community volunteer and is currently working part-time at Veith House to bring his passion and energy to the community.

Nicholas Stoddard

Veith House Facilitator Feb, 1st, 2017

” I’m excited to be here and to be surrounded by such amazing people. I hope to bring my energy and passion for change to the North End.”

Important Partners

The North End Community Circle would not exist without the Community Justice Society.  It would not have any funding without United Way Halifax. It is now a program of Veith House.

The North End Community Circle also connects with:

  • Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre
  • Halifax Recreation
  • Highland Park School
  • Mulgrave Park Tenants Association
  • Halifax Regional Police
  • HRM Volunteer Services
  • Immigrant Settlement Association of Nova Scotia
  • Schools Plus
  • Mulgrave Park United Baptist Church
  • YWCA Halifax-Baby$teps Program
  • St. Stephen’s School
  • St Joseph-A. MacKay School
  • Halifax Community Health Team
  • Halifax Community Health Board
  • Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority
  • Halifax Recreation
  • Phoenix Youth Program
  • Prescott Group
  • Halifax Youth Attendance Centre
  • Halifax Regional School Board
  • Wee Care Development Centre
  • Shambhala School
  • Ecology Action Centre
  • ReBoom (Northwood)
  • Halifax North Memorial Library
  • Family SOS
  • Jennifer Watts, Councillor, District 8

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