Circle of support for the family of Loretta Saunders

April 24 UPDATE: due to the developments this week, and thanks to your generous response,  we are no longer seeking donations of food at this time.  We believe we have enough meals to feed the family between today and the sentencing hearing on Wednesday, April 29. If you want to show support, please consider a donation to the Loretta Saunders Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

Loretta Saunders’ family – mom, dad, sister, brother, two aunts and a cousin – are arriving in Halifax this week and steeling themselves for a murder trial. The trial is expected to take four weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.45.31 PMDarryl Leroux, a North End neighbour and Loretta’s thesis supervisor at St. Mary’s University, has become a close friend and key support to the Saunders. He asked two things on their behalf recently: the family would like supporters to gather outside the law courts (the ones on the waterfront, adjacent to the ferry terminal) on Monday starting at 8:30 a.m., and then to accompany them into the courtroom for day one of the proceedings; they hope that some Halifax residents will witness the trial with them each day and offer support.

Secondly, Darryl asked for contributions of food so that they’re well nourished each day during their month in Halifax.

This is where the North End Community Circle is well placed. There is an almost-empty chest freezer in the kitchen at Veith House. If you have the means to contribute a meal, please drop it off anytime 8:30 – 4:30, Monday-Friday. We do also have staff on Saturdays, though sometimes they are tied up. If you want to do a Saturday drop-off, please be in touch by email first or call ahead: 902-453-4320.

Please label whatever you are contributing and feel free to include a note of support. Miriam, Loretta’s mother, has also requested prayers.

The family may  actually warm food up to eat at Veith House (where we currently have a super awesome induction burner, a toaster oven and microwave and a big enough table for all); or they may bring things elsewhere with a kitchen.  If your dish needs to be returned, make sure you note that and we can dedicate a cupboard to dishes to be picked up.  Finally, I’m told they really like fish and seafood – which generally doesn’t refreeze well at all.  If you have a stash of mackerel from the last run or some other seafood to contribute, perhaps bring that frozen and uncooked. Thanks!  Don’t feel pressured to cook a gourmet meal for all seven family members. They won’t all be staying together and I’m sure there will be times when a bottle of soup for one or two will be exactly the right thing.

At some point over the next month, I’d also like to host a cooking event at Veith House to prepare a meal – or several – for the Saunders and also reflect as a group on the significance and context of Loretta’s life, research interests, and eventual death. (We just need to complete our community kitchen transformation!) Stay tuned for details.

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  1. Nancy (Missy) Ross April 17, 2015 at 8:10 am #

    This is so very thoughtful. Let’s do this North Ender’s.

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