Dreaming in the kitchen

***A further update on Mar. 4: we got the electrical work done today so that we can bring an actual stove and oven into the kitchen!  And our amazing volunteer has gathered the whole list of donations requested below, plus we were contacted by a downsizing chef who may be able to further equip us to cook with a crowd.  We may just be $5500 away from the kitchen of our dreams! (Well, new floors and updated countertops would be nice, but that can be part of the five year plan.) Stay tuned! ***

Food brings people together and, when people come together, all sorts of good things can happen. As social isolation is one of the greatest problems plaguing us, an opportunity to break bread and share conversation is, in itself, a very good thing.


When the NECC decided to move into Veith House, and effectively become its community development program, it was in large part because of the kitchen. This room, with big windows and lots of counters, is meant to be a community kitchen.



We’re using it now – to prepare snacks for Wednesday drop-in programs – but it’s not where it should be yet.


We’ve moved out a lot of the non-kitchen items that were stored here. We’ve acquired a good stack of plates and enough cutlery to feed a crowd. And given that there is no stove at the moment, we’re very to Maureen MacDonald for donating an induction hot plate – inspired by the Loaded Ladle – which can cook up a pot of chili with ease.


Now here’s a list of what we still need have gathered through donations (amazing!):

  • Dish cloths (for washing)
  • dish towels (for drying)
  • a dish drainer
  • cutlery trays
  • teapot and cozy
  • cutting boards
  • a good peeler (or two)
  • some wooden spoons
  • a big pot with a matching lid that will work on an induction heat plate (a magnet must stick to it)

Still needed:

  • a big one: a commercial dishwasher [This would allow us to do regular food programming and be in compliance with health regulations.]


And this is the biggest one: a volunteer who doesn’t get overwhelmed by clutter and would like to set the place up to function well. There are many cupboards – some still with non-kitchen items, or with excess items that need to be junked or passed along. All the cupboards could stand a scrub and some fresh liner. (See update below!)


Another star volunteer – Stan Levy – is moving the existing dishwasher under the counter and removing the old flour bins and turning them into functional lower cupboards. (Thank you again, Stan.)


Finally, we have some surplus items that we’d be happy to share with a non-profit who can use/distribute them:

  • two large boxes of Styrofoam cups
  • three drip coffee makers


Please be in touch if you’d like to help move this project ahead.


Update:  this lovely email came within a couple hours of the above post:

“I’d love to help with the set-up and organization of the kitchen space. If you want someone to take charge of the set-up, I can do that as well! It’s one of my favourite things to do :)”





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