June: the NECC leans in!

The NECC is giving June all we’ve got.  Please mark your calendars for June 18 (rain date June 19) when we’ll host the 3rd North End Community Barbecue at Isleville Park.  Please bring your water bottle, a lawn chair or picnic blanket, and your neighbours!3rd Annual NECC Community BBQ 2014

Friends at Mulgrave Park United Baptist Church are bringing multiple barbecues so hopefully the line-ups will be just long enough for you to have a chat with someone new.   Thanks to them and to Phoenix Youth for helping make the barbecue a success.   If you – or your favourite local business – would like to donate to the feast, contact us or just sign up here.

On June 7, we built a garden!   The site was covered in scrub and scattered with litter when we first saw it on May 9.  Now there are 14 garden beds ready to be planted, including one for Needham Pre-School and a community bed where anyone is welcome to pluck a tomato or a pea come harvest time.

We’ll be planting on Thursday evening, June 12, at 5:30, if you have extra seeds or transplants to share. We’ve already received – and planted – a saskatoon berry bush and await some raspberry canes and rhubarb. There are abundant wild blueberry bushes now.   This should be a delightful and edible public space for years to come.



Before changing into our garden clothes, we hosted the last North End Multi-Service Roundtable before a summer break.  Here are the notes: RoundtableJune3.   It was wonderful to get news from many organizations working to make North End Halifax a yet better place to live.

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