New digs for the NECC

This is NECC’s first day in residence at Veith House. After years of support and development under the Community Justice Society, and particularly the leadership of Yvonne Atwell, the North End Community Circle brought a proposal to the Veith House board – and earlier in September, it was accepted with enthusiasm.

The NECC is now the community development program of Veith House. Our mandate, though, has not changed: the NECC exists to promote a sense of community belonging and build relationships across diversity. We’ll continue to publicize the work of all organizations that serve the North End of Halifax and create spaces where those organizations and residents can come together.

Community facilitator Lisa Roberts has an office with a big window on the bottom floor. It’s right next door to the kitchen which – in our dreams and intentions – will soon be a functional community kitchen. (It needs some wiring…)

For now, the coffee is always on in the main Veith House office, so grab a cup and come find Lisa during her regular hours: for now, Monday-Wednesday, 9 – 12:45 a.m.   (She’ll continue to do social media and other work at odd hours by laptop.)

The Community Justice Society will continue to participate in the NECC as one of the many organizations that help to make life better for North End residents. United Way funding – for 2012-2015 – will also be managed by CJS until the end of that project .

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  1. Susan Kent September 30, 2014 at 7:55 pm #

    Welcome!!!! Looking forward to working together 🙂

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