North End Community Barbecue



North End Community Barbecue, 2014

Neighbourhood traditions are important.   Like big holidays, they are markers in our kids’ lives and they help us keep track of the seasons.

The North End Community Barbecue is becoming that kind of tradition.   Thursday, June 18 at Isleville Park – or June 19 if it rains on Thursday – hundreds of North End neighbours will mark the beginning of summer.

Last year,  we asked through  Councillor Jennifer Watts to get  the splash park at Isleville turned on early.  Right up until the very last moment, we weren’t sure if it would actually happen.  Then – about an hour into the barbecue – a child rubbed the fire hydrant and a spray and a cheer went up.

4th annual NECCBBQ2015

This year, a team of North End neighbours and organizations are collaborating to host including Halifax Parks and Recreation, the Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre, Veith House, the Phoenix Youth and Community Centre, the Halifax Peninsula Community Health Team, the Community Justice Society and Mulgrave Park United Baptist Church.   Even the firefighters at Station #4 plan to park their firetruck on Isleville and take a turn flipping burgers on the grill.  We’re working on closing Sebastian St. for the afternoon and if the sun shines on June 18, Halifax will set up the mobile skate park (that now includes scooters and bicycles!) at one end.


We’ll be asking for neighbours to potluck salads and to bring water bottles – and preferably forks and plates – from home.  We’ll also have paper plates and compostable forks.


We’re soliciting donations from local businesses now.  Thanks to Brooklyn Warehouse, Willman’s Fish and Chips, and Cousin’s for early donations, along with Maureen MacDonald and the Halifax Community Health Board.   We have a commitment of 400 hamburger buns. If you’d like to make a donation of hamburger patties – or drop off a cheque – the Veith House chest freezer has lots of room and Veith House can issue charitable receipts.


Update: Atlantic Superstore came through big time and so did Credit Union Atlantic.  We will have food!  But  we’re also asking folks to potluck salads, sweets and watermelon. Contribute through this link:





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