June 2018

start time 10:02

Nick: NECC coordinator
explained what the circle is about to those who just joined. 7th annual BBQ taking place at islleville park last year we had 300 to 400 people show up. we are still looking for donations is anyone is interested please email me. looking for burgers and cookies. Also next week mobile food market is on. June 16th at Bethel Church, 5406 Roome st.

Jessie: Veith house garden coordinator
working on getting people involved, the garden is in its grassroots stage. thinking of making it like a seed garden and making it sustainable. Currently looking for volunteers if anyone is interested please contact me. so far only have a donation of $200 and so I am working hard on repurposing everything. Also I make holistic lunches every week usually vegetarian as many people have restrictions, and at every meal I ask a friendly question to see what I should implement.

Chelsie: Veith House contract term Summer camp coordinator
running summer day camp from July 2-August 24 8 week program for kids ages 5-12.

Rosie: St Georges youth community centre mostly here to listen

Susie: Youth community centre
main goal is the summer program which is full. several programs taking place such as the mulgrave magic group, youth preemployability program. there is also community meals next one on june 13th with community members. summer camp starts july 3rd and runs for 8 weeks. also looking for employers and would like to work with local businesses but anyone looking to take on a youth for 9-12 hours is welcome; the centre will pay for all costs and if anyone has any suggestions please email me.

Renee: program coordinator
seeking summer camp leaders in July please send in a cover letter and resume to the centre. several events coming up such as bike week as well as a BBQ where kids can come and get their bikes fixed for free, there is also beautification day (june 16) taking place on the city.

Max: medical graduate representative for diabetes canada
diabetes canada published a clinical practice and guidelines booklet for medical practitioners and this comes out every 5 years. looking for volunteers for the diabetes canada event taking place october 10-13. they also conduct webinars on clinical practice guidelines which are recorded and saved on the website if anyone is interested.

Kayla: youth advocate program community worker with HRM
here to listen. Offer support to 9-15 year olds in all aspects of life.

Jen:halifax community health board.
last meeting as she is leaving after 6 years on the board. the board is looking for 3 new members . Cathy leslie is the coordinator in case anyone is interested they can contact her. someone new will be starting in september

Eleanor: NSCC IT campus here to replace Kit.
open space available for the community if anyone needs some.

Rania: carrer counsellor YMCA works.
offer free workshops for those looking to change their career or start school. funding is available for tuition and living allowance.

Lindel smith: counsellor for district 8
approved 60% of design for cogs well interchange, staff have to hold public sessions and speak to the public and listen to public opinion. meeting tonight at halifax forum for 17 story tower holding 107 residential units. bike week saturday 8-12 and bike auction coming up as well. check out his my calendar on lindellsmithhfx.ca and subscribe to newsletter.

mercedes: halifax regional police here with Tera and work with victim services:
trying to reconnect with community we are not police officers, currently team of 4 working with community mobilization and how to set support community when time of crisis offer more of a supportive role as the community is still in charge we offer a number of services.

sahara: representative community arts and social justice
working here for a week mostly here to listen. Host weekly unoppresive jams. check out their facebook or dramaticchanges.ca

Additional Notes:

It’s Sahara from Dramatic Changes! We are the Halifax based social justice and community arts group. Here are a couple of things I would like to add to the notes:

– Dramatic Changes contact info:

sahara@dramaticchanges.ca (my email)
Dramatic Changes (on Facebook)

Send us an email or visit our website/Facebook page if you are interested in volunteering or getting involved another way!

– Some of our summer projects include:

– Weekly Anti-Oppressive Improv in the Halifax Common

– Speed Friending 3.0 at Halifax Pride on July 24th

– Free Consultations at Nocturne in the Public Gardens on October 13th
-we plan on leading a workshop series in preparation for this event

– Recording an album of Feminist Dance Anthems to be released at the
end of the summer

– Publishing a children’s book on gender identity sometime in August or

– We have sound equipment available for other groups or people to borrow for
events etc

– We are also happy to collaborate with other artists and groups working on
projects of their own!

sarah: youth services librarian
replacing eleanor. On wednesday June 27th black panther red carpet event is taking place where the movie will be playing and it will feel like a red carpet event. also looking to help with for insecurity and has some money to donate looking for people to partner with. plants to plates taking place tuesday at 10:30 am

Barry: Department of community services. manager Service provider relationships
HRM currently has 117 organizations that get funding. help connect people to departments send out information about funding programs available in government or department of community services. buss passes if on income assistance are going to be going out soon (june 23). DCS will have 7-8 locations open for processing cards, picture will be taken and put on the card, privacy will be respected throughout the process of the application. you will receive a temporary card which will be good to use and then the card will be sent to you in the mail; the card is valid for the whole year even if the person is no longer needing income assistance later on in the year. to qualify you must live within 1/2 kilometre of a buss root.

Jill: hope blooms. 1st time here
party on June 28th 4-6 pm and is supported by bell. food cotton candy and fun will be provided . currently recruiting for a youth engagement manager refer to their social media if interested.

sandra parker: community health reach worker
advocacy breakfast taking place on June 26th at 7 o’clock tickers are $75 and will be hosted by Marcy from CTV the social.

Suzanne: lively friends/friendly divas
friendly divas raising money to buy diva cups and spread awareness about the lack of period care which also goes hand in hand with lack of proper nutrition. Hoping to notify the public that an organization exists, she is willing to work with organizations as there are 200 diva cups that are waiting to be given out.sharon from adsum house is helping me.

valerie: dietition ,halifax community health team part of NS health authority
(6080 young street) work with community on physical and emotional health. partner with IWK. there is space open for use through an approval program.

Mookie: community recreation coordinator for george dixon centre.
summer camp runs mon-fri 8:30-4:30 there are 4-7 spots left and might open up some more spaces for the other programs as waitlist is full. youth leadership program youth ages 13- 18 (sometimes get younger kids age 12) offer three levels of support and help them get prepared for work. Just hired 5 new staff.

Sherri: Area Recreation coordinator for the Halifax peninsula
Event held at the halifax commons this saturday from 11-2 everyone welcome there will be inflatables.

Lorna: North end parent resource centre
Can email her if you would like to get a hand on the calendar. lots of programs taking place inducing fathers day brunch, city beautification day on June 16th which will include firetrucks, police cars, food, and fun. (rain date is June 23rd) if you are interested in partnering for the event please email her. Also holding AGM on June 26th at 5pm with Dean Simmons as host.

Pheobe: program director at halifax association for community living:
childhood to adulthood advocacy service and support. AGM June 21 6pm at Veith House. Fundraiser at Good Robot on June 18th 5-8pm. need support on finding a new location for some of the services they offer and any support or suggestions are welcome.

sarah: North End library halifax cycling coalition:
Saturday bike in movie. Sunday bike ride either 3km of 15km. AGM and nominating new members any questions email her. also if you are hosting an event we offer bike valets that is volunteer run.

any questions or concerns email Nick

meeting adjourned 11:10.