April 2018

Meeting start time 10:02 am

Nicholas Stoddard: NECC facilitator
Reminder that mobile food market is this Saturday at the Needham rec centre at 9:30 am, it provides inexpensive food that is locally sourced to help with the food insecurity.

Chelsea: here on student placement at Veith House

Maya Williams: wellness navigator came to learn about programming all over the the city. there is a workshop taking place tomorrow april 5th on improving relationships its in the evening from 6:30 to 8:30
her role is also to provide support and community resources. if an organization is interested they can do s targeted programming session.

Ross Burns: (DendĂȘ Do Recife) representing/talking about capoeira it is a afro-brazilian marshal arts that creates a very creative and great social atmosphere. there are three weekly classes that take place in schools. interested in knowing if anyone would like to know more or be interested in taking a few classes.

Stephanie Quirke: north end community health centre intern. Shelley her supervisor could not make it. monthly food box program allows people facing food insecurity to get $25 worth of fresh food and veggies for only $7.
foodbox[@]nech.com or dial 4161 to register. there is also the stop smoking support program and the nicotine replacement program that takes place at the facility. there is also a north end walk it is an open group where everyone is welcome, after the walk a healthy lunch is provided and a pedometer is provided for the walk the goal is to reach 1 million steps collectively. Shelley is interested in branching out and working with community organizations.

Elizabeth Perry: Interpersonal insight (social enterprise) goal to create trauma informed society. on April 17th there is a peer support group taking place from 6:15 to 7:45 and is targeted towards adult women. the group will provide childhood trauma support. this program will be taking place at the Johanna B. Oosterveld centre on the 1st floor of the macdonald building (2131 Gottingen street Halifax) , the program is open to everyone but registration is required.

Eleanor Crosby: branch manager for the North end library. here to see what the community has to offer.

rania Elbouri: career counsellor YMCA/NS works
provide employment support services and in depth career exploration also help with education career support.

Dawn Goree: job developer
helps get job ready people into the workplace there are 2 job fairs taking place one on Thursday April 5th on gottingen and one at the halifax forum on May 16th.

Jan: halifax community health board. nothing to report except that she went to a meeting about the centre change taking place in halifax. the planners of the change to would like to speak to member of the north end, she will leave the information with nick.
contact: catano[@]ns.sympatico.ca

Rozzi Curren: St. Georges youth net . nothing to report just here to see what is happening in the community

lorna Crawley: North end parent resource centre, outreach coordinator
will be having a meeting to plan unification day which will include firefighters and a barbecue

Bernadette Kehoe: ALP counsellor at NSCC
currently recruiting people who are looking to upgrade their academic skills. offer ESL or upgrade diploma. april 10th there will be a spring fair which is going to feature a potluck and lots of dance it will be very culturally diverse.

Jen Lohne: Salvation army open arms centre.
spoke about the good neighbour energy fund, the forms are available in the salvation army on gottingen and at Lisa Roberts office

Andi MacDonald: salvation army open arms center
offering arabic translation services, can get help with translating documents such as mail. also have a cafe and sewing session where people can come chat and enjoy sewing together.

Colleen Peters: Happy community project. interested in community building and gathering folks that want to help or take part and get to know each other. last week they had a potluck and about 40 people showed up which was a success. there is another potluck sometime in may.

Lindell Smith: counsellor for district 8. participatory budget this year the budget is $56,000 and up to $7000 is given to each organization that is voted the highest for deserving the money by community members. the money cannot pay for wages rather it goes towards objects that are open to public use such as equipment and playgrounds. forms are available for the organizations to fill out and are ue back on May 25th by 4pm. A meeting will be taking place on June 20th for the final decision. also the bylaws are changing and the community is asked to voice their opinions

Karen Doucette: solutions learning centre
employment program, intakes begin on April 23rd, the referral form can be found online

Barry Schmidle: Department of community services. manager Service provider relationships
HRM currently has 117 organizations that get funding. help connect people to departments send out information about funding programs available in government or department of community services. currently funding small option homes the funding is an ongoing permanent commitment 10 total will be built.
there has also been some changes to the low income assistance program. if an individual works and makes more than $150 than the money being deducted from the income assistance will be higher there is detailed information on the department of community resources website. the poverty tax reduction system has been doubles again see the website for more details.
one last program to mention: the educate to work for dependence. this program assist those who are a dependent of someone on social assistance. the program pays for textbooks registration fees and covers half of the tuition costs. this program allows those who face barriers to get an education. Only available at NSCC and in NS.

Tracy Clark: volunteer coordinator at diabetes canada. looking for volunteers to help wit the national professional conference where 2000 health professionals will be attending, this will be taking place from october 10-13th.

Phoebe: halifax association of community living
work with people who have intellectual and physical disabilities and offer transition support, it is a person centred program. open to anyone in transition.

Kendra: peer support coordinator for Halifax association of community living. will have more specific information on the program next meeting. the program is aimed towards adults.

Lillian Ash: HRM parks and recreation
Larry o’connell on chebucto is a community member trying to change the horseshoe pit to something different and would like intergenerational input.
contact: ashli[@]halifax.ca

Alex: community outreach facilitator at Veith House
programs such as art therapy at 10 am on Monday and Tuesday. there is a community meal at April 20th at 1 pm and we are always open to community. anyone who would like to join the meal or take part in the preparation are welcomed to do so. also apple kids program takes place daily where 25-30 students drop by daily. looking to start a passport club for the kids where they make their passport and somebody form the community comes and talks about different countries. also looking for a facilitator for the apple kids passport club.

Evan: housing support worker. coffee support 8am to 12 pm Monday to Thursday. get coffee chat and have a warm space to sit in there is a phone for use. there is also a cooking class and a knitting support group. Will be rebranding to Welcome Support housing.
contact: evan[@]metrononprofithousing.ca

Meeting adjourned 10:50