August 2017

August 2nd 2017 – NECC Roundtable

North End Roundtable Gottingen Street Halifax North Memorial Library



Sewing program instructor for Open Arms Centre

Booster seat rentals/source for borrowing for North End Parent Resource Centre

Discussion/workshop facilitators for the Loaded Ladle workshop series in October

GoodWill Bot organization applicants for Good Robot Brewing Co.

Organizations who can keep HRM Rec needs assessment surveys at their front desk

Submissions for Bluenoseability Festival


Lindell Smith, Councillor for District 8


Outdoor Movie Series at Viola Desmond Outdoor Theatre at Murray Washington Park behind the library.

Arrive at 8pm for an 8:45pm start. Movies will include Arabic subtitles

Free, includes BBQ, popcorn and music.

Thursday, August 10: Rogue One- A Star Wars Story.

Newsletter, once or twice a month depending on what’s happening.

Subscribe online. 700/800 people on list already.



Jessica Winton


Natal Day Parade Floats, partnering with Wonder’neath Studios and community members. Two floats. One, a pyramid, is called “The Vision”.

Parade is on Monday, August 7th. Looking for volunteers to help carry the float. 4km, but will likely be able to trade off with others so no one has to do the full 4km straight. Meeting at Needham Rec Centre at 8:30/9am on August 7th. If you don’t know where to go, ask the parade organizers where to find “The Vision”.

Transit passes available to get to or from the start and finish point. (Jessica’s assistant called Lindell’s office, who connected them to Halifax Transit folks who hooked them up. Thanks!)


Ross Unger, Dramatic Changes (a social justice community arts nonprofit)

We do musicals with community groups about local social justice issues.

We did three Pride events, including speed friending and an anti-oppressive improv show. Improv happens every week at Radstorm on Almon St., and once a month we do a show. Open to any age. We even have a 6 year old on the team!

You don’t have to be good. It’s very gentle, and you get good very quick!

We’re also doing a meditative dance project. It’s every week at Radstorm. You dance on your own, lie on the floor or flail around if you want! More info on facebook page.

Helping out with a few street parties. Black Street Neighborhood party, for one. If anyone is interested in helping, there are honorariums available. Want to help with decorations? Hold the vision of them? Still looking for someone for that. If you want to perform, do face painting or any other activity, get in touch. This year, we’ll have table spots for non-profit organizations or anything grassroots. You can come set up, hand out flyers and talk about what you’re doing.

We’re working on four or five musicals right now. Food justice, gentrification, Alton Gas protest, immigration and citizenship (gathering once a week Tuesdays at ISANS on Mumford to create something together)

Workshops with Family SOS, St. George’s YouthNET

If you’re interested in having us come in and do a performance, help with tech for an event, etc, get in touch!

I’m also involved in a not-for-profit transportation organization. It’s a bus that seats 19 people with liability insurance and very affordable rates! If you need one, get in touch.

Songwriting competition focusing on local heroes!


Kate McLennan, Community Developer with HRM

Learn to Camp (Parks Canada putting it on and partnering with George Dixon Centre) on Friday, August 11th, 10am-3pm. Any age welcome but targeted toward families.

If you know people or have clients who’d be interested, spread the word.

Our Common Woods project (wooden sculptures installed now) in the Commons.

North Park Roundabout Redevelopment Plazas: Artwork for the first at the top of Cornwallis and North Park is starting, where Teresa Marshall’s artwork (Mi’kmaq World View) will be etched into concrete.

HRM Recreation is launching a needs assessment survey in Gottingen Street. Paper and digital format, and will have people going through the neighborhood asking questions in person. The survey is comprised of 8 questions to inform how we can better offer recreation services in neighborhood. If you have a space you could leave some copies of the survey for folks to fill out, please let us know.


Elizabeth Perry, Interpersonal Insights

I’m putting together a social enterprise called Interpersonal Insights, helping people figure out who they are and how they fit into the world, know their own worth. I’ll be offering workshops, one-on-one counselling sessions. The enterprise model is built upon the hierarchy of needs, social determinants of health.Working on resilience, trauma. Bigger life, cosmos, spiritual aspects of things.

II don’t help folks ‘put new siding on their house’, I help them excavate the foundation and build a new, legitimately solid, ground. Concerned about where humanity is going, the decision that we’re making, creating inhabitable conditions on the planet and poor interpersonal relationships. Nature’s character is diversity, the strength in that diversity. There is no one-and-only philosophy. It’s time to change the conversation, get some depth within people relationships ultimately so we can make fundamental changes in the way that we make decision on a political level.

I’m offering little “mini connection spas to help people connect with source, nature, self and others. I use the spa idea because I want people to feel good about themselves.


Lorna Davis, North End Parent Resource Centre

I’d like to introduce the Centre’s new Executive Director, Charlaine Watts.

Joan Mendez is transitioning out.

We have a lot of donations of clothes, but our numbers are low in summer. Going to put them out on tables to give away this Wednesday, August 9th from 10am-1pm.


Charlaine Watts, Executive Director, North End Parent Resource Centre

Summer fun camp is full! Getting ready for Fall. Soon, we’ll be doing registration for child development program from 9:30am-12 noon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for kids 3-4 years old. We host toddler time (parent &  tot) on Mondays.

Looking at starting some parenting programs, evening programs. Know any young moms, families? If we have five people interested in something in particular, we’ll find someone to instruct your program.

We’re going planning a trip to the zoo for families. Do you know someone we could rent or borrow booster seats from? We’d need them for August 10th (rain date 16th).

Also trying to get some Dad’s programs in the Centre. Any thoughts or suggestions, let us know.


Ada MacDonald, Salvation Army- Open Arms Centre on Uniacke Street

Back-to-school assistance program for backpacks and school supplies is open for applications until August 12th! Apply by calling 902-422-1598.

Offering a two-month guitar lesson series for women.

Fall registration for after school program is on August 25th, 4-5pm.

Sunday, September 10th is our free foot care and wellness clinic. 12:30-2pm. Doctors, nurses, vision screening. Their setup and takedown is very quick. Usually get about 25 people during that time. Everything is free. First come, first served.

We have a sewing room upstairs in the Centre, 12 full service machines with everything that you’d need. Drop in anytime during programming.

Looking for someone to do a learn-to-sew program!!!


Ruth Bona, Brunswick Street Mission

Interested in the topic of gentrification.

Presently re-evaluating our goals and objectives for the Mission. Interested in hearing other things that are available in the community.


Elaine Gunn, Brunswick Street Mission

Looking at low income housing, homeless population because of gentrification. Any discussions in community about that?


Carol Smilie, Brunswick Street Mission

Coordinator for the breakfast program, which we offer free every single day of the week except Sunday. St. Matthews does it on Sunday.

Supper servings on Sunday evenings at St. Andrews.

Brunswick Street mission’s focus is ‘caring for the poor’. I’m not sure how that is all working. Our service program began as one for youth on the street. It’s huge now, and there are subsidized places for those who wish to come. It is recreation based.


Brittany Eisner, Reachability Association

Reminder about Bluenoseability Festival November 30- Dec 2nd

All of the events that go on during that time are totally free.

Still have submission openings until August 31st, for films under 20 minutes with content around disability.


Fusion Inclusion Festival on September 16th:

Fusion Halifax is seeking community organizations to participate by setting up at a table to showcase their mission and resources. The festival has a predicted crowd of 5,000 people and aims to showcase culture and diversity within Halifax. Tables are $50, but if that is a barrier to your organization you can contact them and they might able able to work something out.

More info here:



Need help with filling out forms? We offer support from 11am-1pm on Fridays at Chebucto Connections, with an expanded assistance program in the Fall once we have students on hand to help.


Dawn Goree, YMCA Employment Centre/ Nova Scotia Works Now

We provide any help related to employment, jobs and job-seeking, going back to school, accessing money after being on EI, not working for a period of time needing help getting back in the workforce, employability.

The fire department is hiring for the second time in the last ten years! More firefighters retiring, about to retire.

They’re looking for more diversity in new hires. Gender, colour, country of origin.

They’re supporting people through every step (of which there are quite a number; it takes a whole year to do the whole application program). Coaching, sample questions, opportunities to practice and prepare for things like their physical training/assessment. They’re really trying to be as inclusive as possible, reinforce diversity in the fire department. Because it’s such a stable and well-paying career, we’re hoping to get more people interested. Lots of preparation necessary. All you need is a grade 12 education! Come over and see us on Gottingen Street, all are welcome.


Julia Jennings, Physiotherapist at Halifax Community Health Team

We’re a group of health professionals, including social workers, dietitians, etc.

Free programs in community. In group setting, with one-on-one wellness navigation services as well.

10 week low intensity exercise program. It starts and stops with each individual but runs all year round. The program involves direct interaction with a physiotherapist and is designed for folks who are limited in mobility. Usually, it’s seniors or someone suffering from a chronic illness, who can’t walk 10-15 minutes without needing a break. We monitor blood pressure, glucose levels, oxygen throughout sessions and set them up with a program they can follow when they’re done the session.

We have 6 people registered now, would like 12-15 at a time. Lots of room!

100% free, all you need is health card number.


Erica Fraser, Ecology Action Centre Good Action Committee + Good Robot Brewing Co.

The Loaded Ladle is hosting a free weekend event from October 13-15 called ‘To the Root’, which will be a series of workshops, talks, and community meals for people to learn, connect and broaden their understanding of food justice. This year, To the Root will be hosted in the North End at Veith House, and they’re looking for people to lead discussions and/or workshops, in exchange for a $100 honorarium. More info here:


Good Robot Brewing on Robie Street (across from Bloomfield) hosts a fundraiser each Monday for a different not-for-profit organization, and would like to see more applications from local North End organizations specifically. For the whole day, $1 off each pint sold goes to the organization, and there is an opportunity from 5-8pm for the group to come and set up to talk to people about what the organization does. Some folks do contests, games, etc., but it’s not necessary. More info and a link to the application form can be found here: is the direct contact for Goodwill Bot, and you’re more than welcome to get in touch with me as well.