August 2018

Notes by: Ayeshah Ali

Nicholas Stoddard: NECC coordinator. explained how the roundtable works for those who attended for the first time. Couple of things taking place at Veith House:

Youth Drop-in every morning 8:30am-12pm. Youth get to enjoy snacks and have some time on the computer as well as play sports and do some gardening
summer camp program mon-fri 8:30am-4:30pm. cost effective and under certain circumstances can be free.
mobile food market next week (takes place every second Saturday) next to Bethel Church Aug 11th

Lindell Smith: Councillor for district 8. Happy August and summer

participatory budget where organizations apply for funding and people come and vote, this year not a lot of people applied so who ever did got the funding they needed so no real need of participatory budget meeting.
BBQ/ meet & greet on Saturday at the George Dixon filed 2205 brunswick street.
anyone who has a e-pass, link or x-pass can have a child under 12 travel free on transit busses.
Monday august 6th at *am hydro stone free pancake breakfast (pancakes served 8-10am) and the even runs till noon. there will also be the buskers fest, kids games, and the parade
community event august 18th ‘fam over fame’ event uniake street at uniake square there will be performances and a special; host will be Lindell itself.
questions contact lindell smith or his office also see his newsletter by subscribing


Amber Grosse: YMCA program coordinator -Community action network/NS works
working with 15 youth this summer ages 14-17 working on employ ability skills. on august 14th the youth will be selling their stuff there will be a BBQ for kids volunteering. If anyone is interested in speaking to the youth please email or get in contact with Amber

Akira McQuay: women unlimited
career exploration program for women and helps them work towards a jon in the tech and trade field. We offer supports to women who may need it while going through training/school
at the moment we are focusing on outreach by going to different places and events to tell people about who we are and to let them know how they can help
f0000227[@] or

Max Alaqel: diabetes canada
explained diabetes and effects on the body as well as its psychological and social effects. diabetes effects the life span and quality of life.

2008 8 million people living with diabetes cost $14 billion from economy
2018 10 million people and $27 billion of economy
2028 expected to double
360 degrees new approach to diabetes focusing on 4 aspects

Phoebe: program director of Halifax Association of Community living
program focuses on helping those with disabilities navigate and find resources
currently there is a family looking for help for a 7& 8 year who have disabilities no other program is taking them so if anyone knows of a summer camp or program they can attend let Phoebe know coulee be for this summer or the next.
also still currently looking for space for the all inclusive day care program as they are being kicked out of the joseph howe school. there are 38 kids and 75% of the students are from the north end so hoping to stay local.

Alena Evans: Halifax Association of community living -peer program intake coordinator
offer parent support groups for those with children with disabilities, allows parents to meet and chat about coping skills and living with those with disabilities – the next meeting is on Wednesday August 8th and respite is provided
this week will be talking about disabilities saving plan and in the future talking about sibling support

Cathy Leslie: Community Health board
replacing Jan Catano
new grant for seniors can be applied on the department of seniors website
policy and influence meeting taking place if anyone is interested reach out via email

Lani Poce: community connections coordinator for ISANS
work with refugees a lot of them live in the north end to fairview, help on finding resources and do a lot of referrals to get clients involved.

Jan Boswell:Chebucto links Director

support seniors to remain as independent as they can by providing programs and outreach.
new programs aim to reduce social isolation of seniors living alone.
there are several groups: walking group, exercise program. the programs usually take places in churches as the costs are low usually between $2-$3
on September 15th there will be a craft fair with products made by seniors, hopes to fundraise and keep the program going
trip to masstown coming up still 8 spaces left, cost is $40 and does not include lunch. going to see mill brook heritage place and on the way back going to franchise. see website or email for more details.
usually have a celebration for those 90+ this year its a tea party.. looking for the tall cookie and scone stands for cheap if anyone knows where they can be found let them know.
looking for volunteers to help with yard work anyone interested please get in tough
also have the capacity to increase programming so if anyone has any ideas please let them know


Ada Macdonald: salvation army new housing support worker
there are 150 backpacks for children in need you can get one by filling out an application
also reminder that there is a waterbed assistance program that helps you pay a portion of your waterfall

Hailey Hills:
free voicemail service for those living in poverty. once you get a number either 902 or 1800 you get a private voicemail or you can chose to have it copied to an email if you don’t have access to a phone its free and takes 5 minutes to set up.

Elinor Crosby: Branch Manager at Halifax Memorial Library

plants to plate program every tuesday morning yesterday kids made pasta and sauce from scratch it was phenomenal
pride program went well. dramatic changes great group I encourage people to work with them have lots of awesome programming like speed friending
summer reading club still ongoing open to kids 3 and up with all reading abilities still accepting people no library card needed all you have to do is say you are going to commit yo reading 3 books this summer. there are incentives to read like being able to win various kinds of slime
there will be a new meeting space hopefully around $20 mark will have a 65 inch flat screen tv and booking will open september. capacity with chairs and desks 12-18 people
tech intern is in 30 hours a week anyone including seniors who need help can call the info line at 490-5811 intern is in tues-fri one week and toes-sat every other week
hoping to have a pop up library along with the mobile food market in late august

Ashley Jackson: North end community health circle
cooking classes still going on
focus groups on food insecurity and security are all full and will have results hopefully soon

Shaani singh: urban farm manager for hope blooms

launching new businesses one of them is tea parties. the teas will have a focus on senegal and helping women there as well as local farmers and dandelions.
hoping to create more school gardens in NS
also there is a trolly selling lemonade from mon-wed outside the north memorial public library
movie night at the garden @ 8pm and the movie is ‘A Wrinkle in Time’


Chris: solutions learning (work activity centre offers a 30 week program for employability)
BBQ on august 24 open house for community partners to come and take a look

Barry Schmidle: Department of community services Manager of Service provider relations

buss passes 2nd week of 2nd phase
1st those who dont have $78
2nd those who have $78 (should have received a notice)
3rd anyone that missed out (next month)
places to go for passes:
NSCC leeds campus
centennial arena vimy avenue
gottigen department of community services
Coleharbour DCS
sackville DCS
Alderney DCS
after this friday you can only get it at DCS offices
those over 12 should go with their parents
it is an annual buss pass and if you no longer qualify mid year it still works won’t get taken away
you will leave with a monthly card and get the annual one in the mail as need time for processing
poverty reduction credit doubled to $500 retroactive April 1st.
as of august 1st child support payment no longer deducted from income assistance
currently you can only earn up to $150 before reductions
first $250 exempt
$250-500 75% exempt
$500-$700 50% exempt
$700 or more 25% exempt


Hannah Mills: loaded laddle on Dal campus it is a cooperative that serves free lunch Tuesday to Friday part of student solidarity program. Also have sessions or series about: food skills, food justice, food security
currently hiring for two positions kitchen coordinator 18.50/hr 35hrs/week. responsible for meals and coordinating volunteers
kitchen assistance: 15hours/week $18.50/hour
applications accepted on an ongoing basis
every fall host a workshop series ‘to the root’ focused on food and food justice. last year had North end health clinic talk about food insecurity, terrarium building, cooing workshops
will cover expenses and materials for the workshop and $100 honorarium


Roberto Montier: Local immigration partnership
working towards keeping halifax a friendly place for newcomers whether it be international students, refugees,asylum seekers, or immigrants. revamping the newcomers guide to it is relevant and if anyone knows of services please let him know so he can add it to the guide as they want to make the guide as comprehensive as possible

Mya Williams: wellness navigator with halifax community health team which is in partner with the IWK and NS health authority
role is to help people get connected to support whether it be social or health etc.
help is free and confidential
also the little wellness program books are good till the end of august after which they will be replaced with new ones

Freya Kaiser-Derrick: canadian mental health association

have a 1 year project to reconnect members of social clubs
working on increasing membership
mon-fri open to drop by
last tuesday of august the gottigen office will have a open house so people can drop by and check it out