December 2016

December North End Roundtable

Halifax North Memorial Library


JANUARY Roundtable will be happening at Veith House on Tuesday, January 10th at 9am. Alternating locations between Veith House and library on Gottingen from then on.

FEBRUARY Roundtable will be happening at the library on Gottingen on Wednesday, February 1st at 10am.


The callouts in a nutshell:

  • Applicants for free NSCC high school diploma/ IT program before 16th- Bernadette,
  • Nominees for volunteers by 16th- Kate,
  • Applicants for community arts and neighborhood placemaking grants- Kate, as above.
  • Planning/promoting support for ‘Putting Food on the Table’ conversation event on Gottingen- Erica,
  • Existing writing circle group or person willing to facilitate- Megan,
  • Partnerships with and volunteers for St. George’s YouthNet- Rozzi,
  • Community spaces for Community Health Team to host programs- Lindsay,



Erica Fraser, North End Roundtable facilitator

  • I’ll be facilitating the roundtable perhaps for the last time this month, but maybe helping out in January depending on when my replacement is hired and settled- we’ll see!
  • Committee will likely be seeking out feedback in terms of ideal date and time for Veith location. Day of the week and time will stay the same for months that it’s held at the library.
  • My previous position as North End Community Circle facilitator has just been posted, and whoever is hired on in that position will continue facilitation work for these gatherings.

Check out the posting, and please encourage anyone you think would be a good fit to apply.

  • The first community food working group meeting is happening next week, with the goal of taking direct input both from North End residents experiencing food insecurity or a lack of agency regarding food and groups from within marginalized communities already doing food justice-related work, and working to address their needs on municipal level.

We received lots of great feedback earlier in the fall at the Putting Food on the Table held a t Veith House, and hope to host a similar conversation event in the Uniacke community early next year (it will be free, with food and child care in order to make it as accessible as possible). The working group is, for now, comprised of folks who work and volunteer in food activism, urban agriculture and community health projects. These are people who have the privilege of being able to give to unpaid work for social justice. We haven’t shared the same narrative as, say, a single mother of three on income assistance, or a newcomer from Syria, but we are committed to utilizing the privilege that we hold in order to actively listen to and amplify the voices of people like this and create initiatives to correct the food system that is failing so many.

  • ***If you are interested in helping to promote, host or plan this event with us, please get in touch with me. Thank you!


Lisa Roberts, MLA Needham, 902-455-7300

  • Here mostly to listen and hear what’s happening in the community I represent
  • Constituency office up and running on the 10th floor of Young Tower, across from strip mall on Young St with Steak & Stein.
  • Open house this Friday, December 9th, 3-5pm
  • The Community Health Team open house is in the same building, on the bottom floor, at 1:30-3:30pm that same day so people welcome to come to both and flow from one to the other.
  • I’m open to showing up to community gatherings, create an opportunity for people to discuss their issues.
  • Typically NDP critic for housing, I’m constantly trying to wrap my head around housing; a lot of people are in crisis about sustainable and affordable housing.

Also critic for Immigration, African Nova Scotian affairs and am interested in anything relating to the North End.

  • I have a budget available for advertising, which is pretty much the only way I can give money directly to nonprofits (and I try to give most of my available money to them). A few examples: a 8×11 advertisement currently at YMCA, business card ad on Caring & Learning Centre flyer that goes door-to door in Mulgrave Park

We’ll do up an invoice for you!

  • Province House hires university (maybe college?) students as Legislative Pages. The hiring process is ongoing right now until February. Flyers will get out to Community Y. It would be great to get more diversity in those roles.
  • Elections NS will be hiring short-term people in light of the upcoming provincial election sometime in next 8-9 months. The job will be to go out to peoples’ homes to help those who aren’t able to get out and vote. Criminal records and Vulnerable Sector checks are required, which takes time.


Shelley Baccardax, dietitian and community programmer at North End Community Health Centre.

  • Programs wrapping up for Christmas, starting up again in January.
  • New programs coming up this winter.
  • Good Food Box program, $7 fresh food boxes to Gordon B, Ahern and Sunrise Manor.

Recently just added another location at Open Arms in Uniacke Square, excited about building this new partnership.

  • New fundraising initiative, website where people can donate. Check it out!


Jingyi (Celia) Luo, MSVU student at North End Community Health Centre.

Listening, here with Shelley.


Edward Ma, student at NSCC

Here with Bernadette regarding the IT program


Bernadette Kehoe, adult learning program counselor

  • New program combines high school diploma with diploma in IT

No cost!! Bus pass, tuition, health care, everything covered

Want to promote it to communities like yours because we believe it’s a social justice program

Will begin end of month, start time extended because we NEED MORE APPLICANTS

Applicant assessment on December 16th, try to get applications in before then

Looking for students with background in math, example of critical thinking skills that are needed in IT.

Looking for people who need to work and have interested in IT

  • This Friday, Dec. 9th is our Day of Peace, featuring Quentrell Provo will be speaking at 10:30am. Everyone on campus will wear red to promote peace in community, all are welcome.


Rachel MacPhee, NS Early Childhood Development Intervention Services

  • We’re on Novalea & Duffus Street, service families in HRM
  • Playgroups Tuesday morning for families connected with Centre, likely starting back up in New Year. Once we do, hope to expand throughout community to make playgroups more accessible.
  • We just hired someone to help reach out to Acadian & Francophone families.


Rozzi Curran, St. George’s Youthnet

  • Lunch program at Joe Howe, after school teen program
  • Looking for community partnerships, volunteers!


Jen Catano Halifax Community Health Board

  • Update on wellness fund applications: 65 applications from community, $200,000 in requests! Committee will make decisions by next week, coordinator will be contacting everyone. Thanks to everyone who submitted an application.


Sharon Steeves, SchoolsPLUS program with HRSB

ssteeves@hrsb.caHere to listen

  • If anyone working with kids and families who have need around Christmas time, hopefully we can work something out to support, for example with food security. We work with Highland Park, Oxford, SJAM, Joe Howe, etc.


Brenda McNutt Schools PLUS

  • Myself and Theresa Banks-Rex of Parenting Journey are offering the Incredible Years program for parents age 5-12 starting Thursday Jan. 12th 6-8pm at the Mulgrave Park Caring & Learning Centre. Child care provided!
  • Looking for First Aid Course at discounted rate. (*Community Health Team offers free courses!)


Ben Rogers, In-School Program Coordinator, Family SOS

  • First youth night happened Thursday, Dec 7 at Gottingen location for ages 12-18, will be ongoing once a month. Stay tuned in new year for following dates.
  • If teachers do go on strike, we’ll be offering free programs for ages 6-12. Limited spots available, had tons of phone calls on Monday.
  • At least at first, these programs will be totally free. Call to get on the list.


Gail Gardiner, Incoming Executive Director at Veith house

  • Just hired Community Health Facilitator through a grant.
  • Anyone who is in need of mental health support can be referred to us; we have some resources to share, haven’t mapped it out fully but are now gradually starting to open the door to this program.
  • Posted NECC job on Indeed website:

Hoping to hire someone to start in January.


Kate McLennan, Community Developer for HRM

  • Looking for nominees for volunteer awards program. We make them feel very special in April at a nice ceremony which the Mayor attends. Need nominations by Dec 16th! You can nominate a group or youth or adult and we want as many as we can.
  • Community gardens- maybe you want to start one? The new handbook is out, which describes the process and what you need to do to start one. I’m your contact if you want to start one on the peninsula. I’m new to the program and might not have the answers right away but am learning fast.
  • Also looking for applications for community art projects and neighborhood placemaking projects. One through community grants programs, one through community art program. Depending on what kind of project you might be thinking about, talk to me and I can help you figure out how HRM could support it. For the neighborhood placemaking program, we encourage neighborhoods to come together and create something. We’re looking for projects that call in the community to contribute to the design and creation. $1,500 for each project that is accepted. Deadline is usually in October but we didn’t fill all spaces. Sooner than later, we’d like ideas from communities. Find more info here:
  • I’m at the George Dixon Centre, come say hi!


Ross Ungur, Dramatic Changes, a social justice community arts nonprofit organization.

  • ‘Winter Holiday Blues’ project, collecting stories and traditions from community. Want to work with us to explore how people celebrate? Check out

Work in progress. Three traditions so far. Gratitude trees, songs, etc. We want to make it a yearly thing. Can come in to community group, help facilitate an activity like making a gratitude tree, for example.

  • A gambling awareness project will be starting next year. If you want to work with us, get in touch!
  • Making a musical with a high school. Small musical, 20-minute piece.
  • Planning project for next year that will focus on gentrification and how it affects the North End. Hip hop musical, partnering with iMOVe, still waiting on grants.
  • Also working on a sexual violence prevention project with universities.
  • ca


Dawn Goree, YMCA job developer

  • Job fair in November went really well.
  • Have bilingual services now, bilingual positions now offered.
  • We do have a first aid program, not sure if it’s at reduced rate or no cost. Offered at many locations.
  • We’ll be closed Dec. 27th.
  • Whole purpose of YMCA is for inclusion and building communities.We’re always finding ways to provide to community. For example, we hold one-on-one sessions for folks who can’t participate in group sessions.




Nicholas Williams, Recreation Coordinator for Needham Centre in North End

  • Winter registration for January is underway, with the exception of skating and swimming; registration for those opens next Wednesday, December 14th.
  • We’re also offering a holiday camp for kids ages 5-12 Dec 22nd and 23d. 9am-4:30pm.
  • Rec camps offered through different HRM centres in the event that a strike does happen. Just call your local community centre to find out if they are offering.


Lorna, North End Parent Resource Centre

  • 30th anniversary celebration! Dec 21st 4-6pm. Special guest George Elliott Clarke and the Honourable Maureen MacDonald.
  • This afternoon, we have the Community Health Team coming in for a workshop on stretching your food dollar.
  • Started Mature Womens social evening a few months ago. Last week, we went to the book launch for Guyleigh Johnson’s poetry book, ‘Expect the unexpected’. This month, we’re going to the Central Library to see the Chebucto Community Singers.
  • Also started a partnership with Frédéric, from Ratinaud French Cuisine on Gottingen. We baked bread last month; this month, the women said they want to learn how to set a table for Christmas. We’ll be doing it in the restaurant at back of the shop.
  • Christmas Bingo on Dec.14th. The community loves bingo!
  • Christmas sale, mostly toys, as a fundraiser for Seniors’ gift certificates on the 15th.
  • Partnering with Ceasefire who’ll be using our facility on Dec.19th to hold a community consultation.
  • Youth group on Tuesday evenings, different events each time.


Marcus James, Community Outreach Manager for North End

  • Saturday movies at 1:30pm. List of movies are out now with December or January. Feel free to share with clients or public. We do it free in the auditorium for folks who don’t have access.
  • Dec. 20th is the Hope Blooms holiday party 6:30-8:30pm. Kids performing a christmas play. Refreshments, snacks, all welcome.
  • Wearing my other hat; Black Mens’ group, who meet here monthly. We’re working on several projects of pretty good size. One of them is an exchange program for 10 youth from here to Toronto and Detroit in July/August. Toronto for 5 days, down to Detroit, meet up with 10 more kids from that area, final stop coming back to Halifax with kids from TO and Detroit.
  • Kwanzaa celebration at the Mulgrave Park Caring & Learning Centre, date TBA. Meeting Thursday evening to discuss. The men are going to cook the dinner; young men helping to serve, are receiving incentive. Have approximately 8 turkeys, 50lb bag potatoes. This will give us the opportunity to engage them one-on-one and have that conversation, bring community together to celebrate. (For more info on Kwanzaa celebrations, here’s one of many sites with info:
  • We’re also in the process of getting website. A local company has offered to create it for us. Some problems for domain name because there’s a group in Toronto that sells liquor with the same name. We’re looking for create one that is called 902 Man Up Should be up and running in the next week, feel free to access that to see what we’re doing. We’re a volunteer-based group in the community coming together, looking to mentor younger Black men.


Brittany Eisner, Reachability

  • Working in the clinic there, I help with career/school/life navigation.
  • CEO of organization is putting on Inclusion Awareness training for organizations on January 19th. We also offer individual tickets, so an organization can send an individual for $150. Might be expensive for your organization but there could be opportunities through partnerships with other groups to learn how to be more inclusive.
  • Next intake is ongoing for the Gateway program. This is a 6-month program for youth (30 or under) where one month is spent in the classroom for skills-based pre-employment programming, followed by a 5-month job placement program.
  • RHYTHM, a DJ program for youth 16-23 for those with interest in learning how to DJ. We have equipment for hands-on experience, working with and learning from a DJ. If you want us to come to you and have 5 or so youth who are interested in participating, we can come and set up there. Or you can come to us, whatever is more convenient.
  • We’ll be at Good Robot Brewing next Monday 12th for ‘Goodwill Bot’ with our 100% Pop-Up store with products made by clients. This helps them gain experience and boost confidence.
  • $1 off each pint sold at the bar goes to us!
  • pop up store, products made by clients.


Lindsay MacIsaac, Wellness Facilitator with Community Health Team

  • We have 14 programs alone happening in January. We also do targeted programming, so we can come to you/your group and tailor the program to your needs.
  • Always looking for other community spaces.
  • We’re working on our next schedule for March-September. If you have a great accessible space in the community, get in touch as it might be a good opportunity for us to offer more accessible programming.
  • Information for the next free Mental Health First Aid session will be in the flyer coming out in mid-February. It fills up fast so call to register when it comes out.
  • Open House this Friday, Dec. 8th 1:30-3:30pm. Music, food, and an art session (paint your idea of what health and wellness is in the community)


Erik Johnsson, NECHC, here to listen


Meghan MacBride, NECHC social worker

  • Community Advocates Network, which been active in community for 30+ years, is hosting a Letters to Santa event on Dec. 15th at the JBO building at 2103 Gottingen. Cookies, hot chocolate, writing ‘letter to Santa’ to share ideas and concerns about housing, Income Assistance transformation.
  • Benefit Reform Action group, meet at Dal Legal Aid, usually once a month. Focussed right now on Income Assistance transformation. We’re working on getting information out to community, as change is about to come to the program and community doesn’t have a lot of information about it.
  • We’ve been approached by folks in the community interested in starting a writing circle. It would be flexible, to build a sense of community and for social justice articles.

Know a group already established, looking for new members? Interested in  facilitating?