December 2017

Brenda McNutt (Community Outreach Worker) and Sharon Steeves (Assistant Lead) with HRSB/SchoolsPlus

We help families access services, we offer in class programs, and we send children to camp. We are here to let you know about the 10-week Incredible Years Parenting Course for parents with children aged 5-12. This course starts on Jan 4th from 6:00pm-8:00pm at 1855 Trollope Street. This course offers free childcare and healthy snacks.

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Matthew Ritchie with the YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs

I’m here to talk about my project on community integration. My focus is Syrian Nova Scotians in the communities of Spryfield, Fairview, and the North End, which I consider to be the North of Cogswell and Quinpool. I want to share to service providers what is and isn’t going well with Syrian families.

Email: matthew.ritchie[@]

Facebook/Twitter: YMCA Greater Halifax


Barry Schmidl – Service Manager at the Department of Community Services

What I wanted to mention today is that the deadline for the Annual Provincial Volunteer Awards is soon. The deadline for nominations in the HRM is December 15th. The nomination form and more information is available online at . The deadline for nominations elsewhere in province is February 16th. There are 3 categories: Representative Volunteer Award (which can be anyone who is volunteering), Volunteer Youth Award and the Volunteer Family Award. All the youth nominated for the Volunteer Youth Award are invited to the “Celebrating Youth Volunteers” event held annually in May. You can nominate someone for multiple categories and you can submit the nomination online. The ceremony is public, and cameras are there. The person must be present to accept their nomination.


Jennifer Manuel with the Halifax Community Health Team

We offer free health and wellness programs to community members. We also offer targeted programs, if you have someone that would benefit from these programs. This can be anything from workplace, physical activity, to wellness. We can offer our programs during lunch hour. We also have something called wellness navigation and I just wanted to let everyone know about it. You can let me know if you have any resources to add to the list. All our programs happening in December and January are happening here in Halifax. Last thing, our community social is coming up this Friday on Young Street (Young tower) from 1:30pm-3:30pm.

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Jan Catano from the Halifax Community Health Board

I wanted to talk about the Wellness Fund that received 59 applications from the Halifax peninsula this year. The committee meets this Thursday and recommendations for who will be funded goes to the board Tuesday, December 12th. Kathy Leslie will contact everyone whether chosen or not before Christmas. Our health plan implementation is around food security, concerning access, safety, and health. Contact myself or our coordinator Kathy Leslie for questions or for help.

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Shelley Meisner from the NSCC IT Campus

We have space and resources available for meetings or workshops, including tech equipment rooms. These spaces are open to anyone but generally speaking, those in the non-profit sector and social enterprise utilize them. Evenings and weekends are usually more wide open as space is limited throughout day, but not impossible. I also wanted to mention that anyone who might use our facility that the campus is closed to students and public from December 22nd until January 2nd.

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Karen Doucette with Solutions Learning Centre

We offer a 30-week employment program with those who are 18 years or older. We offer academic upgrading, work-placements, and training. We also offer help to young people without work experience.

Email: kdoucette[@]


Elizabeth Perry with Interpersonal Insights

I have a social enterprise with a focus on community education. What I also wanted to focus on today is something I hear in the news and I can contribute to, and that is families and survivors of human trafficking. I have a background in survival and recovering from captivity, including psychological or physical. I have extensive expertise in recovering from that and providing support. I am concerned with those who need support and education. I teach how you can build capacity and resilience in own families and communities and how to support someone who is recovering from that kind of experience.

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Social media: eperryinsights

Facebook: Interpersonal Insights


Meghan Hallett with the Department Communities, Culture and Heritage

I am programming development officer and I do the work for people interested and make the necessary connections to resources. We have a few grant programs to offer with a marginalized fund that is broad, from cultural activates to board governments and everything in between.

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Nancy Anningson with the Ecology Action Center & Halifax Food Policy Alliance

I am on the advisor team for mobile food market since this summer. The Mobile Food Policy Alliance is also called the Food Charter. The charter is an interesting tool that has a vision and principles around security in the community. Ideally, the municipality would look at issues in Halifax and apply a food lens to it. We have a drafted community tool kit for conversations about charter and actions you would like to see happen in the community surrounding food.

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Jacqueline Jenkins from the North End Parent Resource Centre

I have been volunteering here since age 12 and I am now 27. My grandmother got me into it. I go to dal for nursing and work with Lorna so I wanted to come meet everyone.

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Lorna Crawley from the North End Parent Resource Centre

We have a new executive director and our finance officer just retired in November, so we have another new face at our center. On December 5th, we had a tree trimming party as an open event where children had crafts, there were movies playing, and a lot of families came out. Coming up, we have the ‘community loves bingo’, Christmas bingo on Wednesday, December 13th. This year, we decided to start a Christmas take out on December 21st. This is where the community shows up and we provide containers they can take as a turkey dinner. The programs we’d like you to sign up for include the cooking program, which is every second Wednesday, and the craft programs are every second Monday. We also offer parenting programs such as “Nobodies Perfect”. There are 2 weeks left now in this program, but it will start again in January. This is for parents with children up to five years old and it is a federal program. We have had lots of referrals from community services parents for their children. You would need to register for these programs. We also have our developmental program and our youth program on Tuesday evenings. We offer a parent break program twice a week on Thursday and Friday where we provide a meal for the children.

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Kayla O’Hearn (Child and Youth Program Coordinator) and Emily Noulty from Family SOS

We offer programs in Halifax, Dartmouth and Spryfield. We also offer in home parenting support programs. We offer programming Tuesday afternoons for youth 12 and up. Teens come and hang out in our facility and we try to tailor our programs to their interests. We are currently hiring a youth worker, someone to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday at our Dartmouth and Spryfield locations. Their shift will start in Spryfield and end in Dartmouth, so the applicant would need access to their own vehicle.

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Brittany Eisner with reachAbility Association

We provide programming, mainly self awareness and employment. Employment program focuses on income assistance. We just had an event this weekend which was an opportunity for people to highlight films around diversity, disabilities and mental health. Mainly those who identify with disabilities and mental health make the films and tell their stories. We had worldwide submissions for films and submissions are opening in February for next years’ event. We also do public awareness workshops for youth aged 16 to 23. We encourage future filmmakers to get involved and submit their own films. The main things we are promoting this month are ‘One Step Closer’ which is a self-awareness program, and how to transfer those skills to employment. This program is in Spryfield from January 22nd to the 26th. We are also having our holiday party/celebrate success party for past and current clients, friends, potential clients, we will have treats and activities and I think we are drawing for a desk for a client to win. Lots of different stuff happening and we are encouraging everyone to take part.

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