February 2018

NECC Roundtable Notes -February 7th 2018


Note: Roundtable notes for this session were done by a volunteer, if errors are found edit the error and send it to NECC facilitator Nick Stoddard. If you see anything that you’d like to change please send your changed text to: nick.stoddard@veithhouse.ns.ca

Rozzie Curran – St Georges YouthNet
Free programs for teens and youth in the area


Lorna Crawley- North End Parent Resource Center
New Program – Baby Time 1-3: parents and baby ages 0-18 months
Calling out to any young moms who may want to participate


Aaron Beal – Our Rising
Community bus – drives community groups for low prices
Organize some events also. ½ of what commercial companies cost.
Drives community groups for lower prices
Expanding on a piece of rural property in East Hants. Future location for events to keep in mind.


Ashley Linden- HRM Youth Advocate Program
Girls United: an outreach project for girls whose life experiences have left them at greater risk of crime. Uses a wide range of learning activities and strong positive relationships to support girls who have experienced or have been exposed to gender specific risks.
Looking for places to collaborate and host training sessions for girls 12-14


Shelly Baccarrday – Community Diet Nutritionist – North End Community Health Center
Bookings with Dieticians
Delivering programming to the community
Good Food Box- $7
North End Walkers- Drop in every Tuesday, healthy snack around 11:30
Upcoming- 5 cooking classes
Focus groups with community members using first voice advocacy around food security.
Advertising Events, Patient survey


Dawn Goree- YMCA employment center
-two job fairs a month
-public service commission / Northwood hiring
-Helping support people going back into the workplace, sustaining employment


Thomas Williams- North End Community Health Center
-Food mapping initiative – food provision/food education in the neighborhood
Create a resource that can be given out to community members


Phoebe – Halifax Association for Community Living
Provide services for children, youth, and adults with intellectual disabilities across the Halifax Regional Municipality. We also provide support for families, friends, and service providers of people with intellectual disabilities. Starting one on one peer support.


Karen Doucette- Solutions Learning Center
Life skills, academic life training, employment skills
Offers a 30 week program for adults, $150 training allowance.


Jen Lohres- Community and Family Services Salvation Army
New Service for new comers- Translator for different necessities, ie. making phone calls, translating mail
Provincial program – Good Neighbor Energy Fund -supporting utility bills


Jan Catano- Halifax Community Health Board
-Community college campus on Leeds is open to running events


Kit Jillings – NSCC IT campus
-looking for partnerships with colleagues
-weekends, evening, summers spaces available
-Calling all organizations to think of NSCC campus as a partnership/ space
-Qualifications for bookings: NGO, similar values


Matthew Ritchie- YMCA immigrant
-Syrian Nova Scotia families project
-employment and language support


Dylan Letendre – Chebucto Connections
Echo – 19 organizations and service providers
New Program called Prescribing Possibility – doctors referrals. Doctors support physical health and Chebucto Connections will help with social supports.


Sarah Mahmoud- Diabetes Canada
launching a new clinical practice guideline
new interactive physical activity decision tool


Sara Burgess- Common Roots Urban Farm
Call out for volunteer programs for the summer. 28 volunteers who care for the farm 3pm-6pm Tuesdays to Sundays
For those who like gardening, hiring process through the hospital.


Caroline Carr – Halifax Community Health Team
-Wellness Navigation, offer free programs and services
-reducing health risks, nutrition, weight management, emotional wellness, parenting
-Targeted Programs, can be modified for different settings/organization