January 2018

January 2018 North End Community Roundtable Notes 

Jan Catano from the Community Health Board

We had our health applications processed, and the cheque presentations will be mid February and the focus is food insecurity. We can support groups surrounding food insecurity and we want to help. We have a Facebook page for further information.

Email: catano[@]ns.sympatico.ca


Liz Wilson from Stepping Stone

We provide services for current and former sex workers. We have changed our policy and we are now able to support sex workers aged 16-18.

Email: liz.wilson[@]steppingstonens.ca


Lorna Crawley from North End Parent Resource Centre

We are continuing with programs. In December, our tree trimming was a success so now we’re trying to follow up with community and get them in. We are looking to update our website, so we are looking for help with that. Our current website is neprc.org

Email: parentresource[@]Hotmail.com

Facebook: North End Parent Resource Centre


Matthew Ritchie from YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs

We have a new centre on Bayers Road as of last April. We have a Syrian Nova Scotian project regarding their experiences. A lot of Syrian Nova Scotians are moving into employment and provincial assistance, so we are looking to see what will help these people. We have programs for Syrian Nova Scotians and other collaborated groups so that they’re not isolated. 62 people participated in our survey, and I am currently finishing the data. We found that the two main categories of need are language and barriers helping with translations from Arabic to English, and struggling with employment. My next stage of this project is to connect more Syrian Nova Scotians.

Email: matthewritichie[@]Halifax.ymca.ca


Marika Paris from the North End Business Association

YMCA came to us before the break with a work opportunity. They want to find employees that want to work for 15$ an hour for 30 hours a week, for 2 years. The deadline for the application is the first week of February for African Nova Scotians. There are 24 spots available. Also, Viola Desmond will be on the 10$ bill this year, and we want to do an event to commemorate her memory near the end of year. If anyone is interested to be on the board, please contact.

Email: marika[@]gonorthhalifax.com


Brenda McNutt and Sharon Steeves, Outreach Workers with Schools Plus

We are here for information. We are offering an Incredible Years Parenting Program starting tomorrow night, January 4th, 6-8pm. We still have a few spots left. Kids between ages 5 and 12. There will be free child care and snacks.

Emails: bmcnutt[@]hrsb.ca ssteeves[@]hrsb.ca

Twitter: [@]HRSBSchoolsPlus


Elizabeth Perry from Interpersonal Insights

I offer education, counselling, and couching addressing basic interpersonal trauma in our society. To help people understand trauma and the impacts of it. I am starting a peer support group in 2018. I have ideas about where I might host it, but I am open to other ideas if anyone has them. I am focusing on providing peer support for adult children of ACES; substance, physical, emotional, abuse.

Email: Elizabeth[@]elizabethperry.ca

Twitter: [@]eperryinisghts

Facebook: Elizabeth Perry Interpersonal Insights


Rebecca MacEachern from YMCA Employment Center

I work as an employment support practioner, as an assistant with multi barriers of employment. I provide any support to do with employment or career.

Email: Rebecca.maceachern[@]Halifax.ymca.ca


Erica Brook from Halifax Common Master Planning

We’re starting a master plan for Halifax commons with open space networks in the North End. My role specifically is to reach out to the community and find out what people want. We are doing interviews with community groups to find out ways to offer services. We want to do things in a different way than the city usually does with reference to public spaces.

Email: Erica[@]uplandstudio.ca


Jessica Young, Kaitlyn Griffiths, Sherrian Garcia from YWCA Halifax

We run a conversation newcomer circle for women new to Halifax, located at 61 Glenforest drive unit 1. This is for women to learn skills, and meet people. We have an information session coming up in collaboration with the Refugee sponsorship on Tuesday January 16th, at 1pm. There is also a public program called Launch, my [Sherrian] co-worker Belinda Leblanc coordinates. Aged 15 to 30, women who are experiencing challenges with employment, childcare, education, etc. You would get paid for the workshop, which is 7 weeks, at minimum wage. Then, there is 17 weeks of work experience. The hope is at the end of the 6 months they get employment, and some employers pay more than minimum wage.

Emails: j.young[@]ywcahalifax.com



Instagram: @jesstay08


Roberto Montiel from Local Immigration Partnership

We are housed by the municipal government, as a diversity inclusion office of HRM. Our work is to find recruits, and we work on trying to make Halifax as welcoming as possible to newcomers regarding health, education, employment and social and cultural inclusion.

Email: montier[@]Halifax.ca


Ashley Linden from the Youth Advocate Program

I am here to hear about what everyone is doing with programs that could be offered to our youth. We offer support to youth ages 9-18, with signs of risky behaviour that could potentially lead to criminal behaviour. If you know of any youth that could use support, contact us. There is a waitlist. 18 months is set program.

Email: Lindena[@]Halifax.ca


Rev. Rhonda Britton from Cornwallis Street Baptist Church

-Came late, did not get to hear her contribution-

Email: rbritton[@]ns.aliantzinc.ca

Social Media tag: [@]csbcrev


Open Studio – every Friday and Saturday!  Times are: 2-4:30 (closed for a half hour staff break) and 5-7pm. We know we have funding to run the program from now until the end of April for sure. (Our facility has a gender neutral washroom and please note: stairs/not accessible.)
What we provide: a supportive atmosphere to make art/crafts/experiment with different art supplies that are provided at no cost, 2 artist facilitators on site to support learning/help folks problem solve, snacks and tea/coffee.  This is an all ages studio – children under 12 should come with responsible guardians.  This is a free, drop-in program. Sometimes we reach capacity – call us at 902-454-6860 or follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram for updates.
Bria Miller – is our artist in residence until April 2018! Bria has been hosting creative art and writing workshops for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Women of Color, and is interested in supporting local youth with their art. Please send a note or call the studio if you are interested in connecting with Bria or attending her workshops.
Creative Spirit East (Veith Street Gallery Association) is partnering with Wonder’neath to deliver a program for adult artists with disabilities – it’s free, but folks must pre-register. email Justina for more information: veithgallery@gmail.com