July 2017

North End Roundtable at Veith House

Wednesday, July 5

Upcoming roundtables:


Wednesday, September 6th, 10am at VEITH HOUSE


Cheyenne Smythe, Wellness Navigator with Community Health Team


We finalized our September targeted programming as well as health and wellness programs flyer for July and August programs!



Pauline Peters, North End resident


Happy Community Project, to further develop social connectiveness. We had our first meeting in June, with the second one happening on Tuesday July 11th, at NSCC on Leeds Street in 6:30pm.


Barbara Lounder, Narratives in Time + Space Society


We are a cultural organization and collaborative group that does walking-based projects that explore the history and geography of where people live.  One project, Degree Field, focuses on the Halifax explosion. These are not like typical guided tours.  Rather, they involve things like flash mobs, burning things in a symbolic fire, etc. For Degree Field, we walk on the Sunday before December 6th. This past year they did a ceremony with Mi’kmaq community members, might do that again December 6th of this year. Always looking for collaborate community members to help. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/narrativesinspaceandtimesociety/


Kelly Adamson, Community Justice Society


We’re looking for volunteers to facilitate restorative justice programs in the fall. Looking for people with day, evening and weekend availability. Also looking for community service placements for adults.



Sunday Miller, Africville Museum.


We are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am – 4pm. Saturday, July 29th will be a day for children.

Africville 30th Reunion Festival details here:

Africville 30th Reunion Festival


Dawn Shepherd, Diabetes Canada


I’ve recently been hired to work with a health project looking to reach people of African descent who want to improve their health. It is free, they meet with individuals one on one and it’s confidential. There are three people who help, all with different backgrounds. One is a circus coordinator! Their Bowl to Strike Out Stigma campaign has wrapped up, but they are in midst of getting ready for a campaign in the Fall.


Brittany Lauzon, dietetic intern with the North End Community Health Center


I’m working on highlighting First Voice experience to advocate for community health and gathering people interested in forming a coalition.

An insert from Erica Fraser, who is working on building the coalition with Brittany and Megan MacBride: We’re putting a Call Out for Advisory Committee members for the Neighborhood Food Coalition! Past experience with community organizing and experience working with others in the North End community would be great. We’re still working out a structure for the coalition but would like to start convening with passionate folks who would like to contribute to our food justice and community health advocacy efforts. Please contact Brittany at the email above, or Erica at 902-817-3110, eri.fraser[at]gmail.com.


Barry Schmidl, Department of Community Services

It’s my job to be a liaison between DCS and the community. What I do is find or attempt to find solutions to problems for DSC service providers. Can sometimes connect to funding or professional development opportunities being offered by DCS, or another department or level of government. The department has which supports kids in families on Income Assistance to go to NSCC. The program was established because the Department wants to improve outcomes for this group of people.


Dawn Goree, YMCA employment center on Gottingen Street


We offer employment services but also do ‘career cruising’ and help NSCC. We help everyone individually with whatever they need. I’m the job developer who speaks to people who are looking for work. There is a job fair on July 6th-8th from 9-5 at in the Mayflower Room at the Delta Hotel near Scotia Square, which will include a lot of offshore positions.


Oleg Yefymov, Yomes


I am an entrepreneur from Ukraine. It’s my fourth year here. I have organized events for entrepreneurs, to help people find connections as a free service. We help tenants to review properties. Offer the service to university students to find better places to live. We started with students, now also work with immigrants.  The city is vocal with promoting us. Free service to both the organization and the people looking.  We help to ensure accountability and credibility of both landlords and tenants, protecting peoples’ rights. YOMES, Your Homes.



Jen Organ, Community Food Programmer, Ecology Action Centre


In the past, we’ve done a lot of food program delivery. We’re now launching a new program called the Community Food Leader Certificate program, starting in September. It will involve one interactive training session per month for seven months, ending in March. 10-12 people per a group. Networking and sharing tools that people have, developing personal and organizational goals. Application deadline for the program is July 14th.



Kendall Worth, Benefits Reform Action group


Started in 2011. Different people living in poverty and living on income assistance have starting losing resources for special needs, learning problems, etc. We’ve started looking at what we could do to help these people losing their bus passes and such.  Ever since, we’ve been doing things like holding protests and writing to MLAs trying to take action and change policies. Local agencies like legal aid lawyers have popped in on meetings, and we also have a coalition of poverty activists coming to meetings. Over past few months the group has been growing. We’re trying to demonstrate who this has affected. There is a range of these people in NS and the local community. We’re trying to give those people a voice and let them know there is a group listening to what they have to say.

Renee Carew, summer student with Red Bear Healing Home.


We are a Non-profit Indigenous Group that provides free voicemail services for people with low income. We also give people phone numbers.



Elizabeth Perry, Interpersonal Insights


I’m putting together a social enterprise as a community education process. Developing a process that will help people connect with self, others and nature. I’m really concerned about the quality of decisions we’re making in society. I believe they’re disconnected because we are disconnected. My intent is to help people recover for themselves, to make connection, to bridge the gap between themselves. I’m teaching perspectives like respect, honesty and autonomy- the things that help remind us that we are individuals. Rather than competing with each other, celebrating and sharing and collaborating with each other. The sustainability of our home, and how we are destroying our home.  I have an extensive background in child and human development, psychology and linguistics. I was an at-risk person and didn’t know it.




Brittany Eisner, social worker at Reachability


Our Gateway programs are youth-oriented, but now have spots for adults. It involves a 5-month paid job placement to learn new skills. Those who can participate can’t be EI eligible.

We’re starting a PSA program so there are opportunities for people ages 16-23 who are interested in learning about making films. http://www.reachability.org/psa/


Ross Unger, Dramatic Changes


‘Gentrification: A hip-hop musical’, working with people in North End community to make a musical on September 16th. A second project is a fundraiser which will focus on the Alton Gas process, organizing protests around water protectors.  Third, Winter Holiday Blues is a mental health program entails making crafts, writing songs. Improv Troop, with a show on July 26th. Gambling awareness project for elementary schools, talks about addictions to teach children. Food Justice Musical. Street Party Project. If you’re interested in collaborating, get in touch.