March 2018

Nick: apple kids lots of kids that come to Veith house after school- yesterday Veith house teamed up with library and had a DJ play music.
note from Diabetes Canada Webinar on march 15th on car accounting and how it works. March 21st 3pm and 9pm and march 29th another meeting will take place ‘taking control and simple steps to controlling diabetes’.

Nikki and Sarah: here from SMU student services student learning centre. Sarah: what is service learning? is a form of experiential learning it is an umbrella term (includes: co-op internships etc) support faculty and community partners. electronic copies available. currently have 20 accounting students working with community


Barry: Department of community services. manager Service provider relationships
HRM currently has 117 organizations that get funding. help connect people to departments send out information about funding programs available in government or department of community services. income assistance and bus pass should be out soon negotiations are still taking place, probably won’t be out on April 1st like previously thought. open to anyone that needs income assistance or is a dependent, you have to live within 1 km of a bus stop but details as to who exactly gets it are not yet set out.

Jan: halifax community health board.appointed by health authority. connection between community and the government. distinct from the community health team. nothing in particular to report. they do give out wellness grants see website for details. they are focusing on food security and working together with other boards around HRM.
contact: catano[@]

Lindsay: Wellness facilitation and dietitian.
offer free health and wellness, new calendar from march to august if you need more information contact her. offer emotional wellness parenting, offer information about other support programs. a one-on-one meet up is possible and accessible. if the little booklet is too crowded and is hard to read contact them and they can help you find what works for you.

Jennifer: public health nurse just starting in the north end in the early years team offered to all nova scotia families. Her and 2 other colleagues focus on Needham area. collaborate with resource centres early years team.
contact: jennifer.mollica[@]

Elizabeth Perry: Interpersonal insight (social enterprise) goal to create trauma informed society. recently came up new concept, introductory workshop trauma informed interactions. health care launched something similar to this however not as broad. she is also offering courses for professional development. she is looking for a location to host a peer support group for survivors of childhood trauma sometime in the evening. visit her facebook. and 2 freebies for non profits in march
contact: elizabeth[@]

Marika: north end business association.
non for profit that helps people in the community. Viola desmond $10 bill reveal event – there is a public reveal event on March 8th at the Black cultural centre. the organization also does a African Nova Scotian market. in the near future there is going to be a street or monument named after Viola Desmond, details are yet to come. there is also going to be a weekend celebration some time soon. visit their page at
contact: marika[@]

Brenda, Sharon, and TL: outreach worker at schools plus/HRSB and . attended to gather information for schools and parents. ran the incredible years program which is now coming to an end, looking to start a new summer camp program.
contact: bmcnutt[@] and/or ssteeves[@]

phoebe: halifax association of community living
work with people who have intellectual and physical disabilities and offer transition support, it is a person centred program. open to anyone in transition. kendra- new to the team and spoke about a peer support group which is being designed from scratch.
contact: phoebe.hacl[@] and/or kendra.hacl[@]

amy: used to work in community at a resource centre and attended to know what is going on in the community.

Lillian Ash: HRM parks and recreation
filling in maternity leave for another coordinator. she is a community recreation coordinator in spry field. work on projects such as community development of Mulgrave park- focus on when crisis happens and how the community reacts. currently renewing contracts for community gardens. step-up leadership program has been running for 10 years its for adults 16 and up,it is a 9 week leadership course in spryfield on march 20th at 6pm to 9pm call registration line of check online as there are limited spaces and the sackville one is full.
contact: ashli[@]

evan: housing support worker. coffee support 8am to 12 pm Monday to Thursday. get coffee chat and have a warm space to sit in there is a phone for use. offer support and resources there is also someone on location to help with taxes. Will be rebranding.
contact: evan[@]

alex: community outreach facilitator at Veith House
programs such as art therapy at 10 am on Monday and Tuesday. there is a community meal at March 20th at 1 pm and we are always open to community facilitators joining. this week there are nutrition students from the Mount coming to prepare the meal.
Looking to start a passport club for the apple kids. each session the kids will learn about a country and culture. the apple kids program does require a sign up but there are kids that drop in; it takes place everyday after school.

Lorna: north end parent resource centre.
they are changing up there march break program from mother march break to march break for the family. there are activities taking place everyday such as on Monday there is Muffinmania. check their website there is a easter egg hunt on March 27th in the evening. also a mother program by Man-up organization, cook dinner and get involved with the community it is a support group.
contact: facebook page North End Parent Resource Centre

Mary Francis Lynch: north end community garden.
behind beecham park off union street. 20 plots and there are people on waitlists. hoping to get some funding or grants to help keep the membership fee down and for a new water system.
contact: mfmlynch[@]

Erin, Shelley, Stephanie, and Samantha as well as Lizzie: North end health centre new to the facility
mandate- to focus on the community and family.
shelley is a registered dietitian with North end health centre. there are monthly food boxes, there is a walking group where you get a free pedometer and a healthy snack after the walk. the centre also offers mindfulness sessions an upcoming one is on cultivating resilience and transforming stress.
Lizzie spoke about the community agenda of community assistance reform.
there is a space available in the building and any questions regarding that can be forwarded to Shelley.
1(902) 420-0303
2131 Gottigen street

shelley sbaccardax[@]
stephanie stephaniequirke[@]
samantha sm713170[@]
lizzie lizziestewart.hfx.[@]

Kim: family SOS it is a family non profit located on Gottigen street
provide after school programs
also participating in the new be a honey with a heart program, the program is a social enterprise. the program includes involving youth in the process of harvest and packaging the honey from the bees. 4 youth between the ages of 13-17 are needed for the Halifax North end check out there facebook for more information. the program will provide the youth with an understanding of business as well as an opportunity to grow and possibly a scholarship in the future, there is a stipend involved but the details are still being worked out. stipend is based on attendance and commitment.
contact: kim[@]

Nick: parks and recreation at Needham centre. spring registration for drylands programs in open. aquatics program starts tomorrow. access forms for financial support to take part of a program are now available online. summer jobs are also posted online on the Halifax website. position include youth leadership coordinator and day camp leaders.
contact: williamn[@]

Lynn: school social worker (HRSB) also working on project with Nicholas form parks and recreation
oversees 9 schools 5 of which are in the north end.
the project called: north end opportunity funds, helps send kids to summer camp. they try to fund the full amount or help bridge the gap. the only criteria necessary is that the familydoes not have the money to send their kid to camp. the application should be ready for April 5th and will hopefully start to receive the applications on April 16th.
contact: lynn.macdonald[@]

nicholas stoddard: NECC co-ordinator
has a web development/ graphic design company. Nick offers 20% of the labour cost back to the non profit and offers cheaper print rates as well. Nick helped raised food for feed nova scotia. Nick re-did the Veith House’s website that should be launching soon.
also Mobile food market taking place on Saturday at 9:30 at Needham recreation Center

meeting adjourned 11:03