November 2017

NECC Roundtable Nov 1st

Nicholas Stoddard – NECC facilitator. We’re getting the North End together to build a social media management group. Groups consist of 25-50 in each group will be created to help each other post and grow their social media outreach. This will help with Business funding and promotions in the future. If you’d like to participate email me at: nick[@]


Jann Patano – Halifax Community Health Board. I would like to say thanks to everyone who put in proposal for our grant, we got almost 100 applications. The applicants should hear back sometime in December.

Email: catano[@]


Crystal John – HGPCLC Family resource center. For fall: flu clinic 1:30-3:30 @ centre for anyone who needs a flu shot. Gearing up for Christmas drive, always looking for donations.

Brittany Eisner – Social worker from ReachAbility Association. We provide programs for anyone going through barriers in life. Promote BAFF. The first event is on November 30th, and opening night screen is from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the library. This event is in partnership with AMI. We have a bunch of different events happening at the library. These events include Future Filmmakers work shop, and families with military members. Saturday is awards gala @ 7pm. LGBTQYA+ films screening at 4:00pm. On Sunday, we have a mental health pannel at 1:00pm.

BAFF Promotions Package <- Click here for promotional information

Email: brittany[@]


Nanok Cha – ISANS Immigrant Services Association Nova Scotia. We provide workshops for free to help immigrants of Nova Scotia build a future.

Email: ncha[@]


Stephanie Skipper – NSCC IT community clinic Next year on October 18/19 we are participating in an open house, we will know exact date by March.

Email: stephanieskipper[@]


Jo Andrea – MGPCLC Mulgrave Park and Learning Center. I visit any family in the north end from ages 3-16, I support the families through any situation including court, discipline, or just to listen to issues.

Email: parentingjourney[@]


Barry Schmidl – I am the community services manager between DSC and 117 organizations in HRM. We connect with family resources centers, Veith House, Chebucto, and more. The first week of October everyone who received income assistance during September would have received one of Feed NS papers. It is a yellow form that you fill out and take to Feed NS, not to the DCS office if you need to receive food for Christmas time. There are gifts available for kids involved as well. Deadline for application is November 10th. This is to give time to identify needs for each family. If the form comes in after November 10th, it doesn’t necessarily mean applicant will receive nothing, but the chances to receive something ideal are higher prior to November 10th. There are copies available at the DCS office and child welfare office to fill out if you are not receiving income assistance or supports from DCS. Also, most foodbanks will have copies, and so will Feed NS. Where to mail copy: PO BOX 9198 Station A, Halifax. You can also email Feed NS Christmas support program at or call 902-457-2849.



Mallory O’Neill – Intern Diabetes Canada. Our last webinar series, which is open to anyone, is always at 3pm and you can register online. If you can’t watch at given time, you can watch recording online later. This webinar series focuses on type 1 diabetes. Also, this month is diabetes awareness month, and we are focussing on early prevention of type 2 diabetes. You can do a screening test online to see if you are at risk for type 2 diabetes. We have a diabetes expo on November 14th at the Dartmouth North Community Center and the number to call is 902-464-8234. Also, you can email my supervisor for more information at Sobeys locations will also be participating on November 14th, a and they are Tantallon, 2:00-4:00pm, Mill Cove, 2:00pm-4:00pm, and Fall River, 11:00am-2:00pm.

Email: Mallory.oneill[@]

Instagram: diabetescanada


Matthew Richie – YMCA center. Focussing on Syrian Nova Scotian’s integration into communities around the HRM Fairview, Spryfield and North End Halifax. We are working to learn about their experiences, via first hand focus groups. We will also be working with service providers with varying literacy levels of language to determine challenges and success.

Email: matthewritchie[@]


Andreas Robinson – Infinitus Academy. I help to empower you to reach your potential. We have been running for 6 ½ years, catering to 2100 youth thus far. We focus on leadership, mental health and mentoring programs. The focus of my company is to deal with transitional periods, help build skills to transition, help deal with mental illnesses such as depression. My company is partnering with NSCC and Saint Mary’s University.


Email: andreasrobinson[@]

Instagram: LiveInfinitus


Dawn Goree – YMCA. We offer employment services on Gottigen street. We also provide job fairs twice a month, and we have a job developer there. We encourage you to send people to our job fairs, and we are expanding via calendars and workshops at our location. There are usually 4-6 upcoming job fairs all over HRM per month.

Email: dawnella.goree[@]


“Dylan Letendre – Chebucto Connections in Spryfield. We offer various programs, such as Pathways to Education, currently serving over 300 high school youth, at no cost. The youth are eligible if they live in the areas determined by postal code. Youth are supported in both the home and in their academics. We also deliver a program called Building Resilience in Spryfield Kids (BRISK), which is a series of week long summer camps for kids who experience anxiety, or some other barrier that prevents them from participating in other summer camps, with the aim of building resiliency that they can carry into their everyday lives. I manage an organization call the Eastern Chebucto Hub Organization, or ECHO Hub as the community knows us, which is funded by United Way. ECHO is a collection of 18 organizations with a formal agreement to work together to serve the community. We use our network to increase community members access to resources, and to create space for organizations outside of Spryfield to fill gaps in services in the community. One of Chebucto Connections’ goals is: “To connect services to services, residents to residents and residents to services”. The Hub motto is: “Every door is the right door”. ECHO started a program in September partnering with three health care practitioners in Spryfield who screen their patients for Social Determinants of Health concerns, and ECHO connects these patients to resources such as filing taxes, or legal advocacy. Chebucto Connections holds a monthly Multi-Service Round Table every 2ndTuesday of the month. The ECHO Hub meeting is differentiated from the Multi-Service Round Table in that this is where we actively make decisions in response to community priorities. It is held every fourth Tuesday the month and is for organizations who have signed on to the ECHO Partnership Charter.”

Email: echo[@]


Sallia, goes to Oxford and is in grade 9. I am here because it is take your kid to work day.

Carla Sheppard – Community Center Mulgrave Park. I am a community outreach worker. I am here to talk about what is going on with PYCC for the month of November. Every week we offer in school support at Oxford (Mondays), Citadel high school (Tuesdays) and Highfield Park (Thursdays) to offer services from mentoring and tutoring. On Tuesday and Thursday PYCC meets for after school programs including sports and arts and crafts. On Wednesdays after school at Citadel we offer after school programing that includes a meal, gym, and working on resumes for students to help apply to jobs. We offer tutoring from 5:00pm-7:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from ages 12+. We have a volunteer who comes in on Tuesdays, that is an engineer, who is helpful with math and science tutoring. They are available mostly for additional support alongside staff. On Friday “It’s More Than a Game started, and will occur every Friday from 4:00-6:00pm. This is a basketball program, for kids aged 12-18. The focus is on basketball but also entails schoolwork. We offer adult programing which includes community kitchens once a month. On November 20th, adults will learn to cook the meal of the month, and they can take food home to family and we eat together as a group. The Community Advisor circle is made up of community members of Mulgrave Park meeting today 1:00pm-3:00pm with lunch provided. We have a family night next Friday, and this month’s is board games and crafts. Usually, 4-5 families come in and spend an evening together. Next month will be Christmas events.

Email: csheppard[@]

Instagram: pycc_mgp


Nicholas Williams – HRM Parks and Recreations. I work under the Needham center. The programs for Fall are underway, and the registration opens November 15th, for Winter programs that start in January. We have lots of support in place for financial need and inclusion supports (one on one), for kids, youth or adults-anyone needing individual support. You may contact the center the program is in, to speak with a coordinator. We ask you apply at least 2 weeks before program begins to make arrangements to find suitable staff for program.