November 2018

A special thank you to Elinor Crosby for facilitating November’s NECC Roundtable.

Elinor – Halifax North Memorial Public Library

  • Hope Blooms Launch , November 20th – will be very busy!
  • Northwood Mobile Food Market – Popup Library, November 16
  • ELL Tuesday night program needs Play Facilitator volunteers – so many Syrian families come to ELL it is overwhelming the staff
  • Possibility of the library hosting a “Service Providers Fair” (similar to Halifax Connects @Citadel), perhaps in late March early April? – need to connect people with services
  • Library may also host a community potluck or coffee & tea in the New Year, inviting the diverse segments of community to come and mingle

Erica Mendez @ Veith House – Apple Care program
Trying to figure out activities to keep kids occupied (that aren’t computer based!)

Alex Mckinnon
Counselling program available for youth

Jesse Thompson – Phoenix, based out of Community centre in Mulgrave
Speak It Special Program – January 9 start, creative writing program on Wednesdays, 3 weeks in
Bringing in local writers to speak, 8 weeks program
Speak It event – all youth who participated perform

John Langdon – Program Facilitator, Phoenix – Community Centre in Mulgrave
Workshop: November 21, 5:30-7:30 Making the Most of your Food Dollar

Emma Walker – Solutions Learning Centre – Dartmouth
New intake worker – Sylvia – should be visiting communities for recruitment soon
New intake just started this week – recruiting for next group
GED program, work employment program – up to 30-week programs for employment skills
Food services, environmental services, office skills program
Allowance to come to the program – decrease barriers for employment

Renee Boudreau – Mulgrave Park Caring & Learning Centre
Baby play group, free flu shot clinic today
Every Wednesday planning for Kids Xmas Party – Dec 16 at Needham 1-4pm – looking for ideas and volunteers

Shannon Rafuse – student placement
Offering counselling at the Mulgrave Park Caring & Learning Centre – for all

Daniel Shepherd – Pride Health Navigator
Doing drop in sessions at libraries around the city – let folks know there are supports still without Youth Project currently working

Margaret – Canada Revenue Agency
Community volunteer income tax program – Free tax clinics for low income
Need volunteers, training provided online & in person

Max – Diabetes Canada
November is Diabetes Awareness Month – Family Day, educational & fun
Diabetes 360 strategy still working – need us to click on link – 2 minutes to fill out form

Crawford – YMCA
National summer work exchange program for youth
Youth get paid summer job, host families, local culture
16-17 year old, basic level of French and up
Eligible to work in Canada
Do presentations for youth groups
25 youth applied last year, but 15 withdrew because they couldn’t provide a host family
6 weeks in the summer, cost $125 (which can be negotiated or waived?)
*missed name* – Office of Lisa Robertson

Maya Williams – Halifax Community Health Team
Wellness Navigator – NSHA – can meet anywhere
Spotlight on CTV – programs are quite full!
Free low intensity exercise program – supervised by physiotherapist – still has spots
Open house on December 7 -2:30-5pm – 6080 Young Tower

Kate Moon – Community developer with HRM
Just back from mat leave – Lilian Ash was her replacement
Volunteer award applications are happening now – youth and adult – on
Due December 17
Community art program – $4000 available to group doing a community art project – matching funds
Would like to spend it out by end of March
Project to work with professional artist – recognized by community as an artist, engage with community, needs to be accessible to the public

Zahra – YMCA
Gender based violence prevention project
Arts-based activities, preventative approaches
Clients from newcomer community
Hold workshops with service providers, people in the community – to highlight the barriers newcomers face
Workshop December 12 –
Going to Alice Housing for a workshop

Brenda McNutt – Community Outreach worker – Schools Plus
Cover all schools, family access services, groups with kids at school
North End Health Clinic – Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday, – dental hygienist for kids 14 and under
Retired dentist on Wednesdays – kids and parents
Call the clinic themselves to book: 420-0303 – Erica

Jacobi – Community Outreach worker – Schools Plus

Nicole – Schools Plus – Lead, Citadel High

Jenifer from Andy Fillmore’s office
Any federal issues – can help resolve

Mariannw O’Connell – YMCA summer youth exchange program
Looking to hire a support coordinator, part time in January, full time in summer, need to be in post-secondary education
To coordinate the summer exchange program.

Aliyah Rubin – Dal school of social work clinic
Psych, social work, nutrition
New coordinator – Melissa
Now at 6054 Quinpool Rd.
Thursday – Open House 4-6 Nov 8

Saida – Veith House – Newcomers program
Support newcomers, single mothers
Connections to services, lawyer
Sewing class upcoming every Sunday
Events for newcomer – project to help them build a small business – December 9

Hilary Murphy – Coverdale
Youth services coordinator
Work with everyone who doesn’t identify as male
Visits prisons 3x month
Lot of referrals, resources
January programs – can be referred by parole or probation

Yolande Grant – Welcome Housing
Trying to create a database of services
Looking for morning coffee shop volunteers – homeless & low income folks, building friendships
Cooking programs during the week
Sending out donation request letters for in kind donations – small gifts for people for Xmas
Trying to put together a computer program – needs PCs donated
Shower hours 1-3pm
Coffee care, beans & ground coffee – sell them to agencies, then sell to friends

Lindell Smith
City Announcements
Changed permit parking program for residential parking
Annual visitor parking pass – contractors can apply
Trying to work with service providers with volunteers to help them find parking
Update on youth advisory committee
Applications closed on Monday, only have 12 spots, 69 apps
North End /West End bikeway project
Africville Lookoff – feasibility study of access to Africville
Community consultation process
Almon St., Maynard St., – how to make them connective, All Abilities Access
Shared road vs. dedicated bikeway (no parking) – options
Ward 5 having north end dance – November 10, 9pm
Hope Blooms book launch – November 20, 6pm
Tree Lighting: November 24, Africville Museum
Same night as HRM tree lighting

Rania – Career Counsellor – YMCA
Out & Equal Job Fair – door prizes, employers,
Employment support services, workshops for employment prep
Mini job fairs at centre

Alena Evans – Halifax Community Living
Parent support, sibling support, social crew
Need volunteers for respite work during support meetings
November 14 – next meetings
Family Fun Day – November 23, free pizza and snacks, parents siblings, folks with disabilities

Carey & Liz – Stepping Stone
Support and advocacy for sex workers
8 week art project underway
December 21, Christmas party – need volunteers at party