October 2017

October 4th Round Table Notes

Nicholas Stoddard – NECC Facilitator

Veith House will be raising funds for the Christmas adopt a family program. Each holiday season Veith House puts together the Christmas-Adopt-A-Family-Program that provides individuals or families with gifts during the season. Each year we try to provide assistance to those in need, and in order to do so, we look towards HRM sponsors who can provide support.

Join us November 27th at the Good Robot in support of the Christmas Adopt a family program.

October 24th Veith House is having a community dinner, if you know of anyone who’d like to volunteer or join us for dinner please contact nick.stoddard@veithhouse.ns.ca

Also don’t forget we’re having the Halifax Tree Lighting coming soon. Here are the Blue Prints for the event. Tree lighting set up


Caroline Carr – Team leader with Halifax Community Health Team

The Halifax Community Health Team offers free health and wellness programs in many community locations. We can also travel to your group if needed. We also offer wellness navigation services, with backgrounds in social work and nursing, for example. We are partnered with IWK for children and families. We also are offering a 10-week program at the Canada Games Center in January to help those who are able to participate in mild exercise activities.

Download a poster below:

Ummah Masjid invite

Ummah Masjid 1 Poster

Move to Improve-Tear Away Poster

Move to Improve min invites

Email: caroline.carr[@]nshealth.ca


Michelle Chimenti – Student with Coverdale Courtwork

Email: mc708261[@]dal.ca


Ashley Avery – Women’s Services Coordinator with Coverdale Courtwork

Coverdale is now located on Quinpool Road above Wendy’s. They offer court support in Halifax and Dartmouth for females who have been charged.

Halifax Slam Team – a team of four trying to get four broke artists to Ontario. They are performing to help raise money for their cause.

Email: wyscoverdale[@]eastlink.ca


Lindell Smith – Councillor for District 8 HRM

Past Monday was a meeting for transit to run more smoothly, adding routes and parking were topics brought up. Information sessions on Oct 4th, 5th and 11th will provide feedback from staff and developer, and residents will have opportunity to speak.

Mobile Food Market is starting October 7th, will take place every second Saturday. Provides affordable and healthy food for the community.

One End Project, began 2 years ago funding and raising money for a stake-holder meeting, discussing what each individual’s North End meant to them. Doing sessions with parents, community, and hopefully Northwood senior home. This goal is to gather this data and present research to community organizations to provide model representing unity instead of a divide within a community.

Email: smithli[@]halifax.ca



Brittany Eisner – reachAbility Association

The first weekend in December reachAbility is hosting an activity festival, mostly taking place at the Central Library. We work with small groups to teach people about different topics such as animals and how to learn self-care. Brittany is working with HOPES a student run clinic in DAL Student Center, offering services every Sunday at 1:30pm-4:00pm.

Email: Brittany[@]reachability.org


Cavin Chan – Family SOS

Parenting group is in full swing, and there are six sessions left. This program covers communication, stress management and self-care on Tuesday’s from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Any parents are accepted. Individuals will need to attend the remainder of the sessions (6/8) to achieve certificate.

Email: cavin[@]familysos.ca


Emily Noulty and Kayla O’Hearn –  Family SOS

New student development program, Tuesday’s around 3:30pm ages 13+. This program offers employability skills, job assistance and workshops. They also do food certifications and WHMIS.

Email: em637316@dal.ca kayla[@]familysos.ca


Lorna Crawley – North End Parent Resource Center

October 5th, the North End Parent Resource Centre will have a hot turkey sandwich takeout beginning at 3:00pm. We also have extended our Parent Break program. This program entails parents leaving their children with their caretakers, Thursday afternoons 3:00pm-5:30pm with supper provided, care is also available Friday mornings.

Starting October 26th from 1:00pm-3:00pm

Email: parentresource[@]hotmail.com



Elizabeth Perry – Interpersonal Insights

Elizabeth Perry’s goal is to help people see themselves and how they fit into the world. She offers training programs in many different areas. Her focus is helping people value themselves and their roles. She is available on social media to set up training and can work with individuals needs.

Email: elizabeth[@]elizabethperry.ca


Rachel MacPhee and Shannon Njoh – Nova Scotia Early Childhood Education Development Intervention Services

Our services are for children showing development issues in two areas or more.

Email: rmacphee[@]nsecdis.ca snjoh@nsecdis.ca


Jen Lohnes and Melissa MacAskill – Community/Family Services of Salvation Army

Community/Family Services of Salvation Army are looking for support for families for toy and food assistance for Christmas. Register families at Salvation Army location.


Open Arms Center

We are offering a children’s after school program.

Email: jlohnes[@]sahalifax.ca Melissa.macaskill@hotmail.com


Bernadette Kehoe and Sarah-Ann Upshaw – NSCC IT Campus

Offering Adult Learning Programs such as English as an additional language program and high school diploma. We wish to promote use of campus by community. The campus has meeting rooms, a computer lab, and many other places that can be utilized by the community.

October 19th is the NSCC Open House for anyone to come and see the different programs and the building. People can apply for free on October 19th for the program (waves $25 fee this day only).

Email NOTE from Bernadette:

“At the round table discussion on Tuesday, a couple of organizations (Salvation Army and Family SOS) mentioned working with Immigrant families. I thought that the map created by Brendan Tarry, an instructor here at NSCC, along with his EAL students, might be a good tool for others to use.”


Email: Bernadette.kehoe[@]nscc.ca f0000137@campus.nscc.com


Jan Catano – Halifax Community Health Board

The Halifax Community Health board is providing a wellness fund, giving small grants to community groups where October 15th is the deadline for applying. They take a broad view of health, and if anyone has a project that is related to well being in the community they have a chance to apply for a grant.

Email: catano[@]ns.sympatico.ca


Hannah Mills – Loaded Ladle

The Loaded Ladle serves food on campus Tuesday through Friday, everyone welcome. We have quite a bit of our budget set aside to do food events. We are also having a large event series “To the Root” next weekend at Veith House and the Halifax Library, all events are free. These events are about food justice and food help. There will be a large event on October 13th at the library including a concert and art presentation around issues of justice. Events on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th events will be held at Veith House, showcasing gardening and meaning of food. They are having people come in to speak on these topics.

Click the link to find out the details to our next event at Veith House TTR Brochure FINAL

Volunteers Needed!
The Loaded Ladle is looking for volunteers during its To The Root workshop series from October 13-15th. To The Root is a weekend of talks, skill shares, meals and more focused on food justice. This year To The Root will take place at Veith House in Halifax’s North End, along with a couple other locations in Halifax.  Volunteers can help out for as much or as little of the weekend as they are able; we are looking for folks to greet, help in the kitchen, run errands, and generally be around for a couple hours at a time to help things run smoothly. If you’d like to help out please contact Hannah at totherootseries@gmail.com

Email: totherootseries[@]smail.com


Rebecca MacEachern– YMCA Employment Center of Dartmouth and Halifax

Employment support practitioner working with clients who have multiple barriers with becoming employed.

Email: Rebecca.maceachern[@]halifax.ymca.ca


Dawn Ella Goree – YMCA Job Developer

The YMCA Job Developer provides employment services with all things surrounding employment. They have an upcoming workshop beginning October 23rd for seven weeks, for mature workers returning to work.

Email: dawnella.goree[@]halifax.ymca.ca