October 2018

NECC Roundtable Notes – October 3rd 2018

Nick Stoddard

– Works at Veith House and is NECC Facilitator. Welcomed everyone and explains how these meetings work for new people.
Halloween event at Halifax Distilling Co. with a silent auction, live music and DJ, free rum tasting and much more. $10 per ticket goes to Veith house.
Mobile food market this Saturday – super affordable and cost effective at Bethel Church 9-11:30am this Saturday. Hydrostone tree lighting December 7th.
Looking for people who are interested in sponsoring a family for our Holiday Support Program. Can contact Nick if you know anyone that is interested in sponsoring a family or if you would like to sponsor someone yourself.

Jenny Theriault– VON: Community Support Services Department
Programs geared at helping seniors stay in their homes. Looking for volunteers for visiting program. One on one program that matches volunteers with a senior who does not have much support. Weekly visits to provide social support.

Rachel Lebouwitz– Halifax North Memorial Public Library
Currently running three English language learning and adult literacy programs.
Adult Literacy Program: Need both learners and tutors for this program.
English Language Learners: geared towards newcomers to Canada who are working on English conversation. Very popular program that needs more tutors- especially on Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30PM. A lot of those who need the most support are still on the waitlist. Also looking for volunteers to help out with childcare so that parents can get support for their learning.

Yolande Grant– Welcome Housing & Support Services: Community Coordinator
Housing and support services. Just here to listen.

Sebastien Labelle – Bus Stop Theater Cooperative: Executive Director
Recently have seen the closure of a lot of performance spaces in the north end. The Bus Stop Theater does not have the ability to meet all of the communities demands and has limited funding. Bus stop theater provides affordable space for community artists and community interests; hundreds of events. Bus stop facing closure at the end of 2019 unless they find support to buy the building from property owner. Working to develop a business plan to pitch to different government levels and private partners so that they can own and operate the theater on their own.

Elinor Crosby– Halifax North Memorial Public Library
Doing a pop-up library at the mobile food markets once a month.
October 19th at the Northwood mobile food market 3-4:30. If you are interested in coming just check in at reception that day to find out where it is located.
October 20th at the north end mobile food market 9-11:30am. Full set up- can check in and check out books. Will be continuing to do this once a month throughout the winter. Northwood market- outreach coordinator buys what is left at the end of the market (have to buy all the food at this market). Produce is amazing, and the price is amazing- really great.
October 18th hosting an event for Mi’kmaq history month. There will be a video launch, politicians and elders present, and more details will be coming soon.
In contact with folks promoting new $10 bill and will be doing some sort of event or celebration here at the Halifax North Memorial Public Library before the end of the year. Keep an eye out for more information!

Phoebe Johnston– Halifax Association for Community Living
Support individuals with intellectual disabilities. They offer support groups and one on one transition planning for the future. Always running groups and workshops on disability saving plans, transitioning from adult to children services, etc. If anyone is interested let her know.
Just joined community health board for Halifax- wellness grants are open right now applications due October 15th, very aware of social determinants of health- encouraged to reach out and see if your projects qualifies as “health”.
Food security day October 17th all day event teaching other organizations how to advocate for food security and why it is an issue. Can contact her if interested in attending.

Zahra Dhubow– YMCA
Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project: Working with youth, especially newcomers to develop prevention strategies. Specifically working with immigrant youth.
Offers workshops for service providers that focus on the challenges that newcomers may face with domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and violence in general. Really a specific focus on newcomer’s challenges with violence and the specific barriers that they face. Service provide workshop on October 16th from 1-4pm if anyone is interested in attending.

Kaleigh Smith– Dalhousie Social Work Student doing placement with the Department of Community Services.
Has been going around and meeting with service providers and getting to know about their services and populations that they work with. Hoping to have a service provider fair in November.

Barry Schmidl – Department of Community Services
Every year the department collaborates with Feed Nova Scotia to help with their Christmas registry program. Everyone that received income assistance in September got the form in the mail. Anyone 17 and under will likely be supplied with a present of some sort. If someone becomes a recipient of income assistance between now and Christmas, they should be given this form by their caseworker. This program is not just for income assistance individuals, it can be anyone that needs assistance at Christmas time. Forms are available for other people, they can call 211 and ask where they can get a Christmas registry form. Can typically get them at a foodbank, but 211 can tell you where the closest place is. The form goes to Feed Nova Scotia and the address is on the form.
The changes on October 1st regarding wage and pension on income assistance. Prior to October 1st if you received income assistance and had a job your income assistance would after $150 per month be deducted by 70% of the amount you earned after $150. Now it is up to $250 and between $500-$750 75% of the income is not counted. Over $750 25% will not be counted. For those in supported employment the rates are higher. Barry will send PDF to Nick and he will post it.
Irvine Carvery- Community YMCA Director – found out about meeting and wanted to come introduce himself.
Programing space, kitchen and gym. In the process of reaching out to community groups to build partnership and invite people in.
Intend to work with youth to pull together focus groups around education, employment, health and justice. Interested to know what their challenges are and are hoping to partner with sister YMCA’s in Montreal and Toronto to see if they can get the same conversations going and then hold a conference where they would bring all youth together to see commonalities of what youth are saying across Canada. Hope is to then prepare a paper to inform policy makers about what the youth are saying. Ambitious project that they are hoping to get off the ground. They want the youth to develop the program with as little intervention as possible- want them to develop and participate in their own program and develop the measurement tools for if it has been successful. Hoping to bring groups together of young people so that they can build friendships and build relationships. This community’s demographic is changing – want to build bridges with all the young people and are hoping to build relationships before hitting the high school level when they all end up at the same high school.

Rozzi Curran– Saint George’s YouthNet: Executive Director
Teen program just started up. Currently looking for guest speakers and workshops to run with the teen program.

Cheyenne Smythe Kelvey – NSHA: Wellness Navigator
Young Street location is having a time management program on October 17th 6-8pm, and assertiveness communication program November 6th evening.
Incredible years November 7th at Veith house in the evening.
Low intensity program with physiotherapists, no waitlist, open to anyone with mobility issues who is looking to gain strength. If you cannot walk for more then 15 minutes you qualify for this 10 week free program.
Baby screening program October 19th.

Martha Mutale – North End Parent Resource Center: Program Coordinator
Promoting a couple of the programs. Youth club every Thursday ages 9-12. Baby time ages 0-6. Child development Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30 am to 12pm. Working on filling the programs with participants – if you know of anyone that is looking for a place to leave their children the center is open.
Freya Kaiser-Derrick- Canadian Mental Health Association
October 23rd 2-5pm community drop in day. Adults experiencing mental health challenges can visit the social programs and club in action to see if it’s a good fit.
October 13, 20, 27th 1:00-3:30pm community coffee house open to anyone. Coffee, snacks and performances.
October 11th-28th Mosaic for Mental Healt. Big fundraiser, artists and anyone is welcome to paint small tiles to raise money for social programs. -social work student

Steven MacDougall– Global Halifax Promotions Producer
Community outreach person at the station, he is the go between when working with other groups. Trying to reach out and be a good community partner- a lot of people do not know about the awesome program’s organizations etc. The door is open, they want to help promote events and fundraisers. They are here and want to help – so if you want to promote something you can contact him.

Lani Poce – ISANS: Community Coordinator
Helping newcomers get connected to programs in the community. Worksop’s coming up in October and November at ISANS on cultural competency they are free and anyone can register.

Mathew Ritchie– YMCA
Many newcomers are moving into Uniacke Square; working to help newcomers understand the history of Africville and working on building bridges between the two communities. Working on a crisis prevention and intervention team- if anyone is hearing about any crises in the community please reach out and refer clients (newcomers and others). Want to here about the conflicts between the communities.

Jen Lohnes– Salvation Army
Working with after school programs for kids and daytime programs for women.
Highschool connection program- pair high school students looking for volunteer hours with the after school program kids. Giving them opportunities to work with the kids, get learning experience and get hours. Feel free to contact any students looking for volunteer opportunities with her.

Lindell Smith– Councillor for District 8
Survey for taxi services is out right now- review of taxis. To take survey go to Halifax.ca/suverys and it takes you directly to the taxis survey. Trying to change the challenges. Place making is happening- HRM supports communities who want to do some sort of place making card or something that builds community. Looking for applications for this year – due October 30th. Go on to Halifax.ca and scroll down to placemaking. Depending on what you are looking to do the HRM can financially support.
New Smoking Bylaws- happy to answer any questions that anyone may have. October 17th is when it takes affect. A lot of the answers are online. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on municipal or provincial property, this includes the streets and sidewalks. If someone complains that is when a bylaw officer comes. This is to deal with lingering smell of cannabis. Can ask for a designated smoking area in places that make sense for service users so that they can still smoke cigarettes.
Recruiting for boards and communities dealing to apply is October 21st Sunday 11:59pm. Can apply for a ton of boards, can go online and apply. Great experience to be part of a community. Recruiting for youth advisory committee after these committees have been filled.
If you want any information included in the newsletter email Lindell and let him know. Make sure subject line says newsletter.

Jacob Cardarelle -SchoolsPlus: Citadel High School Family
Here to get a feel for community resources in the community. Working on advocacy for clients on his caseload and food security during the holidays and such. Looking to point families in the direction of useful community resources.

John Langdon– Program Facilitator and Outreach Worker at Phoenix Youth Center
Lots of programing for youth. Recently hired an academic coach and can support any youth connected to phoenix.

Shannon Hansen – Halifax North Memorial Public Library: community library assistant
revamping a lot of the programs that are currently offered at the library. Doing a lot of surveys with the teens to see what they would like. Speaking with other service providers and trying to ensure that there is not a huge overlap being offered. Trying to keep afternoons and evenings full for the teens (not just programing at the library). Hoping to create a network of places that they can go and know are safe.
Wednesday evenings 6:30-8: teen programing at the library, cooking, mindfulness, lots of different things to encourage teen to think about their futures and what they would like to do after high school.

Linnea Swinimer – Family SOS
Currently working towards winning $1000 for the bee-keeping program, in competition for the grant fund to continue hive upkeep. Long-term goal is to develop a scholarship for graduates of the BEEVA program.

Alex Macfarlane – Student at Dalhousie School of Social Work- Schizophrenia Society

Adrienne Power – Schizophrenia Society
In-home support program for those with a mental illness who need extra support in the apartment. Weekly check in meetings as well as 1 to 1 peer support– have 3 peer supporters to meet with those in the community with mental illness. Weekly support groups for those with a mental illness up on Cunard Street- if individuals are interested they can be put on list to get weekly emails about the group. Also, a family support group once a month for family members of those with mental illness.