September 2017

Sept 6th, 2017 Notes from Kathryn @VeithHouse 

Jan Catano from HFX Community Health Board

Wellness fund applications are out to give to the community. Contact Kathy Leslie for application. Can fund a maximum $3000 to organization. Based around social determinants of health, can be anything impacting health.

Email: catano[@]


Lindsay MacIsaac from Community Health Team

Fall/Winter program schedules for all free health and wellness programs from now until February. She has posters for programs going on in the North End specifically. Can bring programs to them if groups do not feel comfortable meeting. They offer a Low Intensity Access program that is twice a week in the afternoon at San Antonio’s.

Email: linsdayn.macisaac[@]


Liz Perry from Community Education Enterprise

Programs, 1-2 hours, with a focus on helping individuals figure out who they are and how they fit into the world. She has a professional and personal background on helping people reset their foundations and to refocus the perceptions of themselves to overcome challenges.

Email: Elizabeth[@]


Lucie Taussig from Alliance Francaise Halifax

Offering all ages classes teaching French and English, they are non-government funded with affordable prices.

Email: com[@]


Kit Jillings from NSCC IT Campus

Would like people to view the campus as a community resource. Catering towards non-profit organizations in the North End. On October 19th, they have an open house for the program that they call Community Day. They offer booths if someone wishes to use one for their organization on this day, they also offer meeting spaces on any other day.

Email: kit.jinnings[@]


Ross from Dramatic Changes

It is a social justice community arts non-profit organization. They work with community groups on projects regarding the arts including street parties and improv troops. They work towards anti-oppressive art. Winter Holiday Blues program to come together and discover new ways to celebrate the holidays.

Email: dramaticchangesnow[@]


Ifo Ikede from Dramatic Changes

About anyone supporting love, peace and happiness and volunteers with Dramatic Changes. Provides drumming to help heal and welcomes people to join.

Email: ifotech[@]


Kate MacLellan from Community Developer with the Peninsula of HRM

Working with the community on projects, currently with a specific focus on a Mi’k maq art piece and working with the Friendship Center. Offers assistance with creating art and street paintings. Community can apply to have their art partially funded with this organization.

Email: maclenk[@]


Rozzi Curran from St Georges Youth Net

Programs start week of September 18th, they offer free lunches and activities for youth. There are two positions open in this program, the deadline for the applications is on Friday.

Email: director[@]


Lindell Smith from Council for District 8, HFX Peninsula North

Salvation Army Wellness check-in at the Open Arms Center, offering lots of services regarding health care. United not Isolated Festival being held, it is an all ages event with performances and a basketball tournament during the weekend of September 8th.

Email: smithli[@]


Lorna Crawley from Community Outreach Worker with NEPRC

They have a new program titled baby massage. They offer a child development program, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings which help children get ready for school. They also offer a Parent and Tot Program on Monday mornings for parents and children to work together with childcare workers.

Email: parentresource[@][


Sarah Krahn from St George’s Youth Net

In need of a swimming instructor to teach children lessons. Offer drumming, music and dancing for children.

Email: programs[@]


Akinwumi Ogunranti from Enrich

Offer programs to help people affected by the issues that disadvantaged Indigenous and Black communities face. They also offer programs that discuss inequalities in government policies, enact changes to environmental racism and other important issues that Indigenous and Black communities face.

Email: l.waldron[@]


Pauline Peters from Needham Happy Community Project

This project is just starting and will be looking at a number of projects related to the mobile food market. They are interested in picking up residential seniors and helping them get their food and bring it home. They are in need of drivers and assistants and they hold their meetings at NSCC.

Email: psp[@]


Brittany Eiser from Reachability Association

Offer self-awareness programs, filmmaking programs, legal services and more. All services are free, and employment is limited to people on income assistance. The filmmaking program ranges from ages 16-23. They do tours for people for their programming as well.

Email: Brittany[@]


Angela Henderson from Faculty at NSCAD

She has students from varying disciplines and they work with the community on important issues. Her students look for projects such as public infrastructure and graphic design.

Email: ahenderson[@]


Nicholas Williams from HRM Parks and Recreation

Fall programs starting for all ages and all different programs such as art, sports and fitness. Different programs for different sites. He is looking for a yoga instructor on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Email: williamn[@]


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