September 2018

NECC Round Table Minutes for September 5, 2018
Nick Stoddard (Veith House) introduced the table and explained how it works for anyone who is presently new, discussed Veith House masquerade ball coming in October – handed out flyers. Mobile food market this coming weekend – low cost affordable food!

Gary Schmittel – DCS, program that has been tweaked, youth development initiative, targeted youth 12-20, youth participate in a project that your organization is working on, youth has to be attached to DCS in some way (e.g. parents on social assistance) to participate in the initiative.

Breah – Youth coordinator at the Project. Games night tonight at The youth Project, Large drop-in next Tuesday from 5 to 8pm (also free meals provided during drop-in), trying to get involved with the communities around and support other organizations within HRM.

Tori – Social work student with The Youth Project

Lillian – Project Development for the peninsula, step up to leadership 8-week course (teaches leadership skills) Steven MacDougall/ (didn’t catch her name), Global News – Looking to know more about community initiatives to help sponsor/advertise (morning shows), they have staff to come out to help volunteer.

Alex (Veith House), looking for partners for the youth drop-in to help out, vet clinic for those experiencing issues with housing (shots/check-ups for pets).

Freya – Mental health association community coffee houses beginning again September 22nd, social programs with adults experiencing mental illness. Drop-In day on September 25th.

Amanda – Social work student

Brenda McNabb – Works with schools, takes community resources back to parents.

Sherry Moffat – Halifax Recreation, New software for online registration to be made easier! Job postings up for the winter (oval)! Access program for people with financial difficulties (req. application and notice of assessment)
George Dixon Recreation – After school program (free), looking for helpers (230 to 530),

Sheila, solutions center – helps people find employment, employment skills, advocacy.

Eleanor Crosby – Library, Pop up libraries coming around HRM, technology as well can come out with programs, free adult learning programs (including English language), looking for tutors, plants to plates (smart food grant), renovation in program room is now complete (flat screen for technology) ½ day for non-profit is only $20 plus tax, children’s programs start next week, all ages trauma informed yoga program coming soon!

Christina MacDonald – Halifax community health team, free health and wellness programs, NSHA based, accessible (as much as possible), Physical activity, mental wellness, diet, weight management, wellness navigation (helps individuals connect with community resources).

Joe Lang, (REACH ability) Self-awareness employment programs, recreational (film-making), employment supports, conflict management, opportunity for youth 16-23 full time hands on learning with filmmaking, ODE program for those in communities to create accessible spaces (ramps, buttons to open doors, etc.) designed for businesses/organizations, legal referral service, advocate for mental health issues, social enterprise.

Rania – YMCA, employment support services, support to employers, free workshops for clients, interview practice, resume/cover letter help, mini job fairs, career exploration, employment ns funding programs.

Saida – Newcomers program in Veith House, provides support to families and integration into community

Sharon/Lisa – Souls Harbor, Life recovery shelter (shelter for 10 men) – Coming out of addictions, prison, or other circumstances, mission mart thrift store is being built to support the community (souls harbor), men from the shelter will be able to find employment at the mission mart, host for rides for refuge (September 29th – sign up ASAP).

Lorna – North end parent resource center, Thanking NECC for all the support, Lorna is resigning. Introduces Martha (new coordinator), walking club, family dinner, events held throughout the month, organizing 3rd annual natural hair show (SMU), everyone is welcome.

Halifax Cycling coalition, highlight Halifax bike ride (at night, bike safety, light up the night with glow sticks), consultations for street re-design (better efficiency for bikes, safety, accessibility)

Max, Diabetes Canada, Webinar coming up on healthy eating, Live webinars all month (interactive), looking for advocates and volunteers (360 plan).

In closing: Re-cap of Intro.

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