Now we’re cooking!

Earlier this winter, I shared our hopes for the kitchen at Veith House. The post included a long list of needed donations and that most crucial component: a volunteer with a passion and a vision for turning a long-neglected space into a cozy, functional community kitchen.

Within about an hour of the post going up, I got an email from Lindsay. He and a crew of IMG_7613friends spent Saturday and then Monday night transforming the kitchen – painting the cupboards, the counters and walls, and then putting everything away in nicely labelled cupboards.

And the cupboards aren’t bare!  We have dishes, bakeware, sorted cutlery and pots and pans (thanks to donations as a result of me talking about our kitchen needs at the roundtable).  This super organized volunteer crew sorted out surplus and non-kitchen related items that were languishing here and brought them to Adsum House.

The only compensation they want: a chance to come back and cook here.

And they’re invited, as are all the community groups that serve the North End and connect through the roundtable and the North End Community Circle.  Because the Halifax Community Health Board understood that this kitchen will benefit many groups and individuals, they were able to make a sizeable donation towards a commercial dishwasher.

Once we raise the rest of the money for that (finger crossed!  waiting for news on from a grant application!) and put in the stove (we did the electrical work a couple weeks ago), we’ll be cooking.

Look at all this gorgeous counter space.


Lindsay and friends: a huge thank you for the transformation.  We are grateful!


P.S. Since there’s evidence that telling the world what you need can be the first step to having it – we could use a new kitchen floor. (Turquoise linoleum, maybe?)  Check out the current condition:





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