NECC Round table @ Veith House – New Time! New Date!

Hello everyone!

Summer is so close we can almost taste it.

The NECC roundtable will be taking place this Wednesday MAY 3rd 2017 at 10:00am.

We’re moving the roundtable this week to provide our attendees more time to stay after the roundtable and exchange information.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact:

Nick at nick.stoddard(at)

Get to know your Yoga Instructor! – Saturday Yoga @Veith

Abigail holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history with a focus on gender and empowerment. These studies translate into her passion for drawing people to yoga. She promotes empowering oneself by connecting movement, meditation, and breath to explore one’s body and mind. These practices have been beneficial to her and her physical and mental health, and her goal is to share her passion and learnings from yoga to help others improve their wellbeing.

Join us Saturday at Veith House for Yoga! At 11:00am. Drop in fee of $2.50 or donate what you can!

Join us this Saturday April 8th 2017

North End Mobile Food Market

The Halifax Mobile Food Market is excited to be back and offering a selection of fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables throughout the winter months. The market will run EVERY 2nd SATURDAY from FEBRUARY 25th through to MAY 20th inside NEEDHAM COMMUNITY RECREATION CENTRE.

Market Dates (every 2nd Saturday):
Sat, Feb 25 – Sat, Mar 11 – Sat, Mar 25 – Sat, Apr 8 – Sat, Apr 22 – Sat, May 6 – Sat, May 20


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Insights from North End Film Night

NE Film Night Feb


North End Film Night: Take One! was wonderful. Our bellies were filled with delicious snacks from The Soul Shack (THANK YOU so much!) and our hearts were challenged with woes of the past that we’re realizing are still very much a reality today. Through watching Black Mother Black Daughter by Silvia Hamilton and Remember Africville by Shelagh MacKenzie as well as hearing some very helpful insights from a community member with ties to Africville, we gained a deeper appreciation for African Nova Scotian communities as well as hope for a future of healthy neighborhoods.

Before reading any further, why not see for yourself? and here:


Based on the wisdom shared in the films and in discussion during the North End Film Night event, here are a few things that came through, loud and clear.

Africville residents were fine before people from outside the community got involved, with the idea that they knew what was better for the residents than the residents themselves did. They were independent, they were happy, and they weren’t nearly as concerned about their homes being ‘up to code’ as the City was.

“All people need to feel that sense of community, of ownership” was a statement that came from the post-film discussion, which helped us to understand what it is that made Africville such a wonderful place to live.

A sense of community and ownership. That’s the key, isn’t it?

After the question was asked: “How do we move forward, taking in this knowledge about Africville?”, two things were expressed by a wonderful community member in attendance were:

Refer to Africville as Africville. It’s not Seaview Park or whatever they named it [after they bulldozed it down]. It’s Africville.

– Please don’t limit your curiosity and celebration of African Nova Scotian culture and heritage to one month. It’s not a one-month thing, February just got the title! It also happens to be the shortest month of the year.


The programs, events, projects, businesses, and developments that serve communities best are those that come about from the community, rather than those that are brought to a community.

Going forward, with lessons learned and still being learned from the story of Africville, let’s think about this:

How can we foster a sense of ownership in our communities?

How can we better connect to one another and find that sweet spot of co-dependence with one another, while reducing our independence on outside institutions and businesses?

And- how can we celebrate African Heritage Month every month?



Welcome Erica Fraser

We’re excited to welcome Erica Fraser as the new North End Community Facilitator. Erica is a community gardener on Needham Hill, a singer with the Halifax Music Coop, a volunteer with the Food Action Team of the Ecology Action Centre and a regular at North End Community Circle events.  We’re excited to add her to the team at Veith House and to see where she’ll help take the NECC next. eri3

Erica was born and raised on Cape Breton Island and now embraces the North End of Halifax as her home away from home. Her strongest passions are food, music and building community- good thing they go so well together. After completing her studies in biology at MSVU, she ventured South to learn about natural farming, holistic nutrition and herbal medicine on various farms and homesteads. She is endlessly inspired by the people of the North End and is committed to building relationships to create safe spaces and creative opportunities for people to come together as a community!

2015 North End Community Barbecue

We ordered sun and neighbours for June 18, 2015 and received everything we asked for in abundance.  Thank you to hundreds of North End residents who joined us to celebrate summer and build community.

 Thanks to Tucker Bottomley, a young filmmaker who is a member of the North End Changemakers, we also have  a short video that really captures the crowd and neighbourhood feeling of the barbecue.
The North End Changemakers has funding from the Inspirit Foundation, a national grant-making foundation that supports young people (aged 18-30) in building a more inclusive and pluralist Canada.IMG_4562

In the North End, the funding from Inspirit allowed the NECC to invest time to build new relationships across our whole neighbourhood with diverse young people.  They have become colleagues and collaborators in community change that will outlast the project.  It was great to have so many of them at the barbecue!

The annual community barbecue is a team effort.

Participatory budget: vote for pop-up community!

Thanks to North End resident of Ariel Harper Nave for writing this post.

District 8 residents are invited to vote on Thursday, June 4th, from 6-9 pm at the Italian Cultural Centre, 2629 Agricola St.  (Poster here.)  We are deciding how to divide $94,000 among 15 wonderful community projects!  Your ballots will only be counted if you choose five of them.

Here’s OUR (small but mighty) project: a Pop-Up Community Café Kit at a cost of $2000.

It’s portable and user-friendly and will be available at Veith House for any North End organization or group of community residents to borrow.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.22.47 AM

Instant Community Social—just add people!


Picture four of these chairs, a couple small tables, a tent for shade, plus a picnic blanket and bin of awesome books for the littlest North End residents.


They’ll pop up under the trees in front of Needham Centre, at your street party or yard sale, at Mulgrave Park Days and of course at the North End Community Barbecue.


We’ll also experiment – maybe adding a couple crib boards to the kit and seeing if we can invite some impromptu tournaments.


Please consider making this little community-building project one of your top five! (Please note: The North End Community Circle is a project, not an organization.  Mark your ballot next to Veith House!)


Here’s the complete list of eligible projects:


Adsum Association for Women Capital Upgrades to Building                 $ 20,000

Community Care Network Society Facility Renovations                           $ 20,000

Canadian Mental Health Assoc          New Furniture for Facility               $  7,400

Halifax Cycling Coalition Bike Racks, Planters, Garbage Cans                  $    7,107

Halifax Music Coop Self-Contained Noise Reduction Room                      $ 17,311

Halifax Regional CAP Association Tablets for Program                             $    3,000

iMove Camcorder Package                                                                           $ 18,797

Maritime Harvest Food Market BBQ Burners, Tents                                 $    3,625

Music Liberatory Drum Kits                                                                        $    3,450

Northern Lights Lantern Festival Canopy Tents and BBQ                       $    2,760

Northwood Support Services Inc Dementia Friendly Bathroom                 $ 20,000

Partners for Care/Common Root Farm Shelter/Program Material        $    6,500

St Stephen’s School PTA Paving of Play Area on School Ground                $ 20,000

Society of Evolutionary Artists Community Mural Painting                     $    1,500

Veith House Pop-Up Community Café Kit                                       $    2,000


Total of Requests                                                                                          $154,244




North End Community Barbecue



North End Community Barbecue, 2014

Neighbourhood traditions are important.   Like big holidays, they are markers in our kids’ lives and they help us keep track of the seasons.

The North End Community Barbecue is becoming that kind of tradition.   Thursday, June 18 at Isleville Park – or June 19 if it rains on Thursday – hundreds of North End neighbours will mark the beginning of summer.

Last year,  we asked through  Councillor Jennifer Watts to get  the splash park at Isleville turned on early.  Right up until the very last moment, we weren’t sure if it would actually happen.  Then – about an hour into the barbecue – a child rubbed the fire hydrant and a spray and a cheer went up.

4th annual NECCBBQ2015

This year, a team of North End neighbours and organizations are collaborating to host including Halifax Parks and Recreation, the Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre, Veith House, the Phoenix Youth and Community Centre, the Halifax Peninsula Community Health Team, the Community Justice Society and Mulgrave Park United Baptist Church.   Even the firefighters at Station #4 plan to park their firetruck on Isleville and take a turn flipping burgers on the grill.  We’re working on closing Sebastian St. for the afternoon and if the sun shines on June 18, Halifax will set up the mobile skate park (that now includes scooters and bicycles!) at one end.


We’ll be asking for neighbours to potluck salads and to bring water bottles – and preferably forks and plates – from home.  We’ll also have paper plates and compostable forks.


We’re soliciting donations from local businesses now.  Thanks to Brooklyn Warehouse, Willman’s Fish and Chips, and Cousin’s for early donations, along with Maureen MacDonald and the Halifax Community Health Board.   We have a commitment of 400 hamburger buns. If you’d like to make a donation of hamburger patties – or drop off a cheque – the Veith House chest freezer has lots of room and Veith House can issue charitable receipts.


Update: Atlantic Superstore came through big time and so did Credit Union Atlantic.  We will have food!  But  we’re also asking folks to potluck salads, sweets and watermelon. Contribute through this link: