Participatory budget: vote for pop-up community!

Thanks to North End resident of Ariel Harper Nave for writing this post.

District 8 residents are invited to vote on Thursday, June 4th, from 6-9 pm at the Italian Cultural Centre, 2629 Agricola St.  (Poster here.)  We are deciding how to divide $94,000 among 15 wonderful community projects!  Your ballots will only be counted if you choose five of them.

Here’s OUR (small but mighty) project: a Pop-Up Community Café Kit at a cost of $2000.

It’s portable and user-friendly and will be available at Veith House for any North End organization or group of community residents to borrow.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.22.47 AM

Instant Community Social—just add people!


Picture four of these chairs, a couple small tables, a tent for shade, plus a picnic blanket and bin of awesome books for the littlest North End residents.


They’ll pop up under the trees in front of Needham Centre, at your street party or yard sale, at Mulgrave Park Days and of course at the North End Community Barbecue.


We’ll also experiment – maybe adding a couple crib boards to the kit and seeing if we can invite some impromptu tournaments.


Please consider making this little community-building project one of your top five! (Please note: The North End Community Circle is a project, not an organization.  Mark your ballot next to Veith House!)


Here’s the complete list of eligible projects:


Adsum Association for Women Capital Upgrades to Building                 $ 20,000

Community Care Network Society Facility Renovations                           $ 20,000

Canadian Mental Health Assoc          New Furniture for Facility               $  7,400

Halifax Cycling Coalition Bike Racks, Planters, Garbage Cans                  $    7,107

Halifax Music Coop Self-Contained Noise Reduction Room                      $ 17,311

Halifax Regional CAP Association Tablets for Program                             $    3,000

iMove Camcorder Package                                                                           $ 18,797

Maritime Harvest Food Market BBQ Burners, Tents                                 $    3,625

Music Liberatory Drum Kits                                                                        $    3,450

Northern Lights Lantern Festival Canopy Tents and BBQ                       $    2,760

Northwood Support Services Inc Dementia Friendly Bathroom                 $ 20,000

Partners for Care/Common Root Farm Shelter/Program Material        $    6,500

St Stephen’s School PTA Paving of Play Area on School Ground                $ 20,000

Society of Evolutionary Artists Community Mural Painting                     $    1,500

Veith House Pop-Up Community Café Kit                                       $    2,000


Total of Requests                                                                                          $154,244




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