February 2017

***Apologies for the confusion about February’s roundtable date. There was an error in last month’s notes. Upcoming roundtable dates are:


Tuesday, March 7th 9am Veith House

Wednesday, April 5 10am at North Memorial Public Library


Lillian Loppie, North End Community Health Centre


  • As operations manager, I manage the two buildings (main clinic as well as JBO Building on 2103 Gottingen) and work on programming with Shelley Baccardax, our dietician, and Megan MacBride, our
  • We’re moving to a new location, down the street in the MacDonald building, in April. It’ll be different for the community where we won’t have a storefront.
  • The whole health centre will move in mid-April, dentistry will move at the end of June along with Housing First and MOSH.

Our programming at JBO Building:

  • Mondays- Open Mindfulness Group
  • Tuesdays- Walkers’ group
  • Craft Night on Tuesday, knitting, painting, etc.
  • Wednesdays once a month- Food Box day. We deliver fresh produce for a small fee to Ahern Manor Sunrise and Salvation Army Open Arms. Next one is March 1st. Call Megan at 902-422-5642 ext 8 with inquiries or to sign up.
  • Community Yoga Thursdays with Nancy Hunter, drop in for $10, also has a class that’s free or pay-what-you-can on Thursdays for lower-income folks.
  • Fridays: Tea & Talk 1:30-2:30, sometimes have a speaker come in to discuss a particular topic

Arthritis Lifestyle Makeover Challenge March 10-21, 6-week program

Myself, Megan, Erica and others are looking to have a conversation with other people working on food-related things to discuss who’s doing what, make sure we’re not duplicating anything. Erica will say more.


Erica Fraser, Food Action Committee volunteer

Like I’ve said before, I’ve been chatting with different folks who are also hoping to get more of a conversation going about food justice in the North End. We’ve decided a roundtable style would work best.

  • Are you working with people who are experiencing food insecurity? Do you know someone who is who should be at the table?
  • This conversation will also definitely be welcoming ‘first voice’ people who are experiencing poverty and food insecurity, and won’t be exclusive to those simply working around the issues. There are many groups doing great things to increase access to fresh food and make positive social change, but we don’t know about each other. It’s time to connect, coordinate and get strategic about these efforts as a collective. It’s time to call in folks with privilege who can do the work to help the people without those same types of privilege to access fresh food, revamp our food system and achieve food justice for everyone.
  • We need an overarching, coordinated effort toward food justice. It’s time to get political about this, but none of us can do it alone. So, we’ll start with a conversation and see where it takes us. If you want to participate or connect someone who does, email eri.fraser[at]gmail.com or call Erica at 902-817-3110.

The Mobile Food Market is starting up again for an 8-week pilot session that will be indoors until it’s warm enough for another round of the bus pop-up markets. The North End market will take place inside the Needham Recreation Centre, every second Saturday beginning on March 1st, 9:30-11am (time subject to change slightly). Email Crystal at caring.learning[at]mulgravepark.ca with any questions or concerns for now.


Ramona Clarke, Frontier College

rlarke[at]frontiercollege.ca, 902-494-7003

  • We’re a national literacy organization that goes into community organizations to set up local programs. We’ve got two programs in the George Dixon Centre- a literacy program and reading circle- and have been in the community for 28 years
  • We also have a partnership with Phoenix, set up a literacy program in Mulgrave Park with them
  • My role is to recruit, train and place volunteers.
  • We don’t get as many learners in our program, maybe it’s because they don’t know about us.
  • Thankfully, Mookie really promotes literacy and lets parents know about them.
  • We have a large program with 70+ learners in the West End
  • Been doing this for 117 years now! Know a lot about volunteer management, developing resources.


Rachel MacPhee, NS Early Childhood Development Intervention Services

  • Office down on Novalea beside Lawtons, serve families all across HRM
  • We’re open to any referrals coming from community partners

Update: We’ve expanded to better serve the Acadian/Francophone community by hiring a French- speaking developmental interventionist


Jen Catano, Halifax Community Health Board


  • Just gave out grants for Wellness Fund
  • Had $34,000 to give away, got $98,000 in requests
  • Planning on lobbying for more money; a little bit can go a long way and people have done amazing things with that money!
  • Working on our health plan, one of our recommendations to the NS Health Authority is to please give more to the Wellness Fund. We nagged them so relentlessly when they cut it last year that they increased it , so now we’re hoping to get them to top it up


Cecilia Greyson, Lisa Roberts’ assistant MLA Halifax Needham


  • If you’ve ever called Lisa’s office, I’m the one who answers the phone
  • Early in March, we’re organizing a community meeting/forum about affordable housing.
  • Lisa is the housing critic, so we want to host a forum for specifically the region going from the harbour up to Robie street, between Cornwallis and North. Just figuring out dates, will be early in March
  • Legislature coming back in March to sit. We’re sending resolutions to give to the House, which will go into the records of the Legislature. They acknowledge achievements in the community, anniversaries for organizations, recognition of long-standing volunteers
  • We print off a fancy thing for people in our community for them to have.

If you work with someone or who has an achievement or anniversary that you feel deserves recognition, give us a call.


Carla Shepphard, Phoenix Youth Community Centre in Mulgrave Park


  • Here to observe, take everything in.
  • Two afterschool programs for junior high youth Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Wednesdays high school program drop-in at Citadel High, ages 15-18/19.
  • Food, access to HRM’s gym so we’re not interfering with work-to-rule.
  • Because of work-to-rule we’re not able to be there on lunch time, where we were there once a week prior.
  • Still doing tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings at the Centre in Mulgrave Park. Tuesdays for high school youth, Thursday for junior high.
  • We’ve got a bit of a mix of ages, which is not a problem.
  • If someone needs help, affected by work-to-rule, send them to the Park.

African Heritage Month:

  • Annual Speak It event Thursday February 16th 6-8:30pm
  • A recognition of youth and community members in Mulgrave Park and surrounding area who want to do poetry, sing, dance. We’ve got a STOMP! group coming in, a drum circle coming in, food, nice evening honouring alot of really talented people in the community.


Laurie Martin outreach worker at Phoenix in Mulgrave Park



Marian Chisolm, post things online that people in the community might like. Not always things in the immediate area.



Dawn Goree, Job Developer, YMCA Employment Centre next door


  • A lot of job fairs coming up. One today (Feb 1) for HRSB. Looking for lunchroom monitors and EPAs. Not a whole lot of work- just an hour a day 5 days a week, but good to get your foot in the door. Job fairs and info sessions in Feb and March with companies who are hiring. Metro Transit hiring, some independent work that can be done remotely through a company called Mosaic, job fair for that next Thursday. Access calendar by coming in and picking it up. We’re currently developing something online. Alot of locations in Dartmouth as well.
  • We’re eliminating barriers to employment. These companies seem desperate to hire people. Looking to build connections.
  • I set up a lot of the job fairs, set up events, coordinate with employers and encourage them to hire people with barriers to employment. Might be someone needing childcare, with long time unemployment, etc.

Tomorrow,Feb 2,  job fair for Home Instead. The job is to go help folks with at-home tasks. Doesn’t need specific education or experience.


Jen Lohnes, Community & Family Services Salvation Army


  • Application for federal summer jobs program to hire post-secondary students extended to FRIDAY Feb 3. Opportunity for small businesses if you have under 15 employees.
  • One of our seasonal programs is the Good Neighbor Energy Fund, which provides assistance to those who need help heating their home. Details online. Applications available at all MLA offices and at the Salvation Army.
  • I spend most of my time at Open Arms centre. Daily after school program for kids. Programming for women coming up through the month of February


Ada MacDonald, Community & Family Services Salvation Army


  • Coordinating women’s programming
  • Ideas for women’s events, want to partner, please let us know. Give me your email if you want to receive the program calendar online.


Amy Moonshadow, Community Advocates Network


  • We work on social assistance policies, food security, housing, disability issues (which are coming up more and more because of cutbacks).
  • We meet monthly on the third Thursday at 10am in JBO Building 2103 Gottingen.
  • North End Community Health Centre is our ‘infrastructure sponsor’. We communicate through them. We try really hard to be one-on-one by meeting in person because we know people who use the internet see so many posts every day.


Peter Wilkinson, Hope Blooms


  • 4 days of youth programming a week.
  • Mondays: agricultural program inside greenhouse
  • Tuesdays: mentoring and tutoring program. Have 4 graduates coming up this year. Trying to make sure they do well, all getting scholarship contributions.
  • Wednesdays: business program, social enterprise program. Grades 5 and 6.
  • The little ones are starting another social enterprise aside from salad dressing. Biking around offering greens to people. Starting that up, letting them figure it out, they’ll have a lot of ownership of it. Looking for a tandem bike.
  • This year hoping to get more community garden boxes up so people can pick more freely from the garden
  • Culinary program on Fridays to help youth learn to cook. Doing an alliance with a group of Syrian newcomers, using our kitchen to make their food to sell at the farmers’ market. Community supper on Thursday, the youth do the cooking.

Participation is mostly word of mouth, don’t do formal recruitment. Folks who are interested just come.


Jessie Jollymore, Hope Blooms



Nicholas Stoddard, incoming Community Facilitator with Veith House


  • Will be taking over Erica’s previous role with North End Community Circle/North End Roundtable. Looking forward to working with you all!



Brittany Eisenor with Reachability


  • Anybody who’s interested in self awareness programs, stress management, communication, anyone on income assistance eligible for employment programs for 4 or 8 weeks.
  • Conflict management, updating resumes, cover letters, interview skills, support with job-searching. We received a grant through the Wellness Fund! Through this grant, we’re starting an animal assistance program, with an in-house animal therapist at the organization. Looking for partnership opportunities. Right now have program around encouraging people to work on self care, stress management, building empathy skills through working with animals, Learning what certain animals like and don’t like. Recognizing signs that they’re enjoying or not enjoying something. Clients can work through their own issues through interacting with animals.
  • We currently have two french bulldogs and a bearded dragon!
  • We pair the client with an animal based on what they need to work through. Looking to purchase another animal through this grant. Thinking about a hedgehog….


Kate McLennan, community developer for HRM George Dixon


  • HRM Community Grants due at the end of the month. Start thinking about what you want to apply for. Peter Greechan is the person. You can find information online. Happy to connect you with him and see how your idea fits in with the program.
  • Community garden program application due by March 15.
  • Garden expansion application due end of month.
  • Two placemaking projects happening; one in West end (street painting) the other is a food and youth-related conversation in North End and Spryfield, involving ‘pantry boxes’, a similar model to the ‘pop-up free libraries’ scattered around town.


Theresa Banks-Rex, Parenting Journey program, Mulgrave Park Caring & Learning Centre


  • Parenting Journey runs via home visits; if you know of a family that needs a bit of extra support, it’s a free program, voluntary, lasts as long as a parent wants it to last and can be offered to parents of children aged 3-16, so it’s a nice wide range. If they need help getting organized kids off to school, parenting help, any number of things. We can also provide company for appointments at school or anywhere, can provide a drive and/or in-appointment support.
  • Another program that’s happening at the Centre is a Nurturing Strong African Nova Scotian Parenting course. No start date yet but if anyone is interested, give the Centre a call. Regular programming at the Centre can be found on Facebook