May 2017

NECC roundtable NOTES

May 3 2017

Kyla O’Heavn, Casual Co-Facilitator Positive Parenting Program for Mothers, Youth Program Worker – Family SOS


– Oversees programming at Family SOS

– Focuses on healthy lifestyle

– Programs offered in Gottingen Street, also once a week in other locations like Spryfield and Fairview

Simone Spears, Community Engagement Officer- Family SOS


– ‘Tea and Talk’ starting from Tuesday May 9th at their office in Gottingen Street

– Inviting other organizations as well to join,

– Some treats offered with tea

Ashley Avery, Women and Youth Services Coordinator- Coverdale Courtwork Society


– Coverdale Courtwork Society is a non for profit community organization which provides services and programs to women and youth experiencing the criminal justice system.

– Flagship program to support women get out of the trauma and transition smoothly

– Downsizing the office and moving to Quinpool road. The programs will be interrupted during this time

Jennilee Creaser, Student placement – Coverdale Society


  • Here for the experience

Carla Sheppard- Phoenix Youth Community Centre Mulgrave Park (PYCC)


Patricia Mercer, Community outreach – PYCC


– May 13: Mother’s day Bingo and Brunch from 11am-2pm

– Regular afterschool programs from September – June on Tuesday and Thursday last day for registration is June 15.

– Wednesday is High School Youth Program at the gym at a rec site. Youth get the opportunity to chat, have snacks, play sports and get to know each other

– 3 summer programs at Mulgrave Park:

  • Mulgrave Magic – 8 weeks program which includes resume building, WHMIS, volunteer experience and more.
  • Let’s Make It Happen – program for youth 16-19 years which includes food handlers certification, self identity, partnering with other businesses. Last year we partnered with Westin NS and many others. Applications for the summer employment will be ready by May 15.
  • Building Mulgrave – program to help youth build skills around carpenting, plumbing, electrical and more. If anyone knows anyone that offers workshops for these skills please contact me.

Pauline Peters – North End Resident 


-Here to see what’s going on in the community

Lorna Crawley, Outreach Coordinator – North-End Parent Resource Centre


– Returned to the roundtable after a while.

– Here to promote the ongoing program ‘Nobody Is Perfect’ which is a support program for parents with children 0-5 years old

– Ongoing craft and cooking program twice a month – looking for someone who can facilitate this workshop

– Mother’s Day Brunch on May 12th: sponsored by St. Patrick’s Church followed by Bingo for mothers and women in general at Union Square Area

– Beautification Day planning is Monday the 15th at 11 am, here at the Centre.

– Mondays- parent and tot program

Jessica Winton, Individual Artist in North-End – Wonder’neath Art Studios


– The Wonder’neath Open Studio is open Friday’s and Saturdays, from 2:00-4:30 and 5-7, both days. In July and August we will only run the sessions on Saturdays, same times. This is a free drop in art program, artist facilitated and open to all ages.

– Looking for outreach intern position for summer job, regular requirements as of any summer job that is age requirement 15-30 years old, 10 weeks job for 32 hours a week. Let me know if anyone interested.

-Also looking for people to make parade float for natal day.

Elisa Wright and Kelsey Kokojejko, Dal Occupational Therapist – Dal OT

Elisa.wright(at), k1340690(at)

-Offer outreach services for clients from OTC

Julia Jennings, Physiotherapist – Community Health Team Halifax


– Offer free pre-diabetes session on May 12, 2017 from 9:30-11:30am

– Another 2 week program on May31st and June 7th from 1:30-3:30pm – Heart Healthy Living- Know your numbers!

– Focus on education, health and wellness

– For details of programs offered visit

Sarah Fancey – SSW Community Clinic


– We provide system advocacy navigation

– We fill the gap for our clients to get the services they require

Rachel Macphee – NS Early Childhood Development Intervention Services


– Work with children with developmental delays.

– Here to see what’s there in the community for her families at work.

Brenda McNutt, Social worker – HRSB/ School Plus


-Here to see what is being offered in the community for the summer camp

Sharon Steeves, Assistant Leader – HRSB/ School Plus


-Supports students with building self-esteem

Kate Maclennan, Community Developer in HRM


– Aiming to raise $56000 for donations through pitch projects. Participants will pitch ideas for their art projects around development of the community. Deadline for submitting projects is midnight on May 19th.The community will vote and select the project they like best

– If you have a project please connect with us

– Everyone is invited to vote

Kit Jillings, Principal – IT campus, NSCC


– Co-host for community based events

– Offer space for events that benefit the community, if you have an event and looking for a space please contact me. 

Open House at NSCC on October 19th 2017. Community partners can join us by setting up community booths. This is a good opportunity to publicize their services and recruiting volunteers. For more details please contact me.

– Summer activities for the Artech camps can be viewed in detail at the website:

Paul Beesley, executive assistant – Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission


Ivana Amidzic, student – Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission


– Soles Harbour is a religious based organization, independent of government services

– Offers Soup Kitchen, clothing, Drop-In services. All services open to everyone

– Open 6 days a week excluding Sunday

– Souls Harbour hosting a fund raiser and silent auction at ‘Love Your Neighbour Banquet’ on May 16th

– For tickets contact Michelle Porter at 902-405-4663 or visit

Kerry Karsten, community relations coordinator – Metro Housing Authority


– Deals with the senior population and partnering with different organizations.

– Ongoing art program with a donation of only $1, partnership with students in creating freestyle artwork. Usual timings are 6:30-8pm. There will be a break during the summers while the students are away. Will continue after summer break

– Opportunities to partner in organizing workshops for seniors, however, open to general public as well

Crystal John, executive director – Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre


– Parenting program  ‘Nurturing Strong African-NovaScotian Parents’ every Thursday 10-12. First of its kind. 6 weeks pilot program

– Spread the word if anyone looking for a place to connect with parents in a culturally appropriate and interactive setting.

– Taekwondo classes Tuesday afternoon at 3:30

– Every morning 10-12 coffee and muffin community time.

– Mobile Food Market at the Needham rec centre on alternate Saturday. Winter pilot project almost coming to an end Summer session will be back outdoors at the Devonshire Rink from June 17 till end of October. Last year’s summer market was successful in providing inexpensive food and veggies

– This year focus on senior population who cannot access the market, volunteers helped to hand deliver the grocery to their door step

Sylvia Calatayud,  coordinator of connecting communities – ISANS


– Hosting a potluck ‘Supper NOVA’ on Saturday May 20th at 6-8:30pm at St Benedict Church. Everyone is invited, bring a dish to share with 400 guests

– A networking event on May 30th  ‘Self-Advocacy: Knowledge to Succeed’ 9am – 1pm, where newcomers get to talk about self-advocacy and share their knowledge and experiences. Let people know who might need it

Barb Bird, Volunteer – Diabetes Canada


Tracy Clarke, volunteer engagement coordinator – Diabetes Canada


-3 Webinars coming up

  • Eat Smart- on May 24 at 3pm and 9pm: talking about healthy choices in food to manage manage blood glucose levels better
  • Moving Mindfully- on June 1st at 3pm and 9pm: looking to find ways to get active and stay that way
  • Making the Most of Your Food Dollar- on June 6th at 3pm and 9pm: learn how to eat healthy on a budget

To register visit

– Wants to draw attention on the seriousness of the disease, thus changed the name of the organization to Diabetes Canada. Our tag line is “End Diabetes”… and that’s what we do

– Offers to host events around spreading awareness.

– Also putting together training sessions in next week or two. Let us know if anyone wants to get in touch and participate

Jan Catano, Board Member- Halifax Community Health Board


– The board is appointed by the province to gather info from the community and update the government. Not only do we let them know what work needs to be done in regards to making the community healthier but we also expect to have answers for why it’s delayed.

– Formulated 8 page condensation of the 2017 Community Health Plan.

– Also recruiting new members for Health Board. Duties and responsibilities comprise of attending meetings once a month, going to sub committees. It’s not a gigantic time commitment. Recruitment will be through checklist. It will be an extremely eductational place to be to find out how the health care works and by talking to people directly in the community.

– We have a facebook presence and a website if you wish to contact the coordinator, Cathy Leslie, at cathy.leslie(at)

Yvonne Manzer, Social Worker – NS Health QE II


– This is the first time here to attend the meeting.

– Nice to meet people in the community, grateful of the opportunities the community has to offer and to connect with the resources

Dawn Goree, Job Developer – YMCA employment services


– Offers employment services and help people who are on EI.

– 2 job fairs coming up in partnership with NS Works. Employers come in twice a month, match jobs with employers and help in overcoming obstacles

  • Tuesday May 16th at Halifax Forum

– They have more centers since joining with NS Works

– Please direct people to us who are looking for work

Nanci Lee, North-End Resident- North-End Resident Land Trust


– We are a group that has come together to ask the question if gentrification is there in the community. We are an organization that strives to set aside space in our area. Exploring the model of community land trust. Economic models have strong community networks below it. The economic work has a strong community agency looking for rental spaces and how we can come together and be mutually supportive. We are continuously looking out for representative for our board who show transparent government, sustainability and economics.

Ross Unger – Dramatic Changes


Gentrification: A Hip Hop Musical

We hosted a few community gathering and conducted a bunch of interviews, and now we’re in the process of writing…looking for lyricists, performers, and anyone with stories about gentrification and living in the north end.

Pipelines and other 21st Century Protests

We’re in the very early stages of collaborating with Alton Gas Protest movement to make a musical/performance to raise awareness of their struggle. We’re having a brainstorming meeting this week, and will have more information soon

Winter Holiday Blues: A Mental Health Program

A mental health program around loneliness and isolation in the winter time. Last year was very successful with Northwood, Adsum for women and children, Wonder’neath, and St Joseph’s A McKay elementary. This year we’ll be starting in October/November. Looking for community groups to work on some arts projects: songwriting, decorations, storytelling, etc.  We will come to you!

Anti Oppressive Improv Troupe

We’re starting an anti-oppressive community improv acting and singing group with a focus on identity and local issues.

Info sessions Tuesday May 9, 6:30pm at Radstorm (6050 almon st)

A Seat The Table: A Gambling Awareness Project

We’re running some gambling awareness community arts projects. If you know anybody who wants to talk about how gambling has affected their life, please connect with us!

Personal Growth: An Edu-musical About Food Justice

We’re in the very early stages of creating an educational musical about food justice. Themes include: reclaiming concrete jungles, how to grow plants, life-cycles, and traditional stories of growth.

Picking Up The Pieces: Understanding Sexual Violence

We’re working on a project that explores survivor brilliance with a goal to create a performance/video for student orientation at Dalhousie University.

The Quota: A Musical About Immigration And Citizenship

Looking for collaborators and community groups who have stories around immigration and citizenship to join the project. We’ll be running a workshop at ISANS on June 3rd, 1pm

The Street Party Project

We have some canada 150 funding to help support the Black Street Party and the Creighton Street party. More info coming soon, but please reach out if you’d like to help with either of these! This years focus is on identity, diversity, and inclusion.

Dramatic Changes Workshop Series

We are hosting a series of arts skill building workshops at the Uniacke Centre For Community Development (2439 Gottingen Street).

– Dramaturgy 101 @ 5pm, May 10th

– Scriptwriting 101 @ 5pm, May 17th

– Songwriting 101 @ 5pm, May 24th

– Music Production 101 @ 5pm, May 30th

– Directing 101 @ 5pm, Jun 7th

Rodney Small, lifelong member of community – Common Good Solutions


– Strong ties with Mulgrave Park and Union Square. Like to know what is going on in the community

– Works with Common Good Solutions which serves social entrepreneur to connect and grow

– New ways of doing business

– For details visit the website

– Common good solution – common good stories

– Offer 4 services for social enterprising

  • Social enterprise institute- it’s an online program packed with easy to use tools and resources
  • Buy Social – is third party certification created to encourage social value purchasing across the community, private and public sectors
  • Impact Incubator – proves the technical resources, coaching and networking opportunities
  • Consulting and Training – include: identifying the most viable enterprise ideas, business planning, market feasibility studies and budgeting

– Social Shift is a group of young people from Halifax that are getting attention from everyone across Canada through their videos creating awareness on YouTube.

– We are continuously looking for new projects to build the community